Setting Up the RevenueWell Marketing Platform

Welcome to RevenueWell! 🎉 Thank you for choosing us to handle your practice marketing and patient communication needs. We are excited to start working with you to help you improve efficiency, keep that schedule full, and most importantly deliver a streamlined patient experience.

  • 1. Install Prep  🖥

    To prepare for your RevenueWell Installation, please complete the steps below: 

    • 🔐 Log In Create a Password: Follow the link in your “Welcome” email. Your email address is your username.  Once you have created your password, you can access RevenueWell from anywhere by logging in at

    • 🛠 Update Server: Before your data sync installation, update your server to the most recent version of .NET framework:

      Step 1: Navigate to this website on your server computer.
      Step 2: Follow the prompts to download.
      Step 3: Once the update is complete, reboot the server prior to your installation call.

    • 👥 Prepare Your Team: Each member of your team needs their own username and password.

      A training session lasts about 1 hour and helps you hit the ground running with all the great features RevenueWell has to offer.  Prior to training, log into RevenueWell and familiarize yourself. Spend some time watching the Video Tutorials, which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of each tab.

  • 2. Configure Settings 🛠

    Please take some time to configure your practice settings by working through the list below:

    • Business Info: Fill in these areas to increase your web visibility - 

      • Your Microsite Coupon
      • General Info
      • Services Offered
      • Insurance Accepted
      • Languages Spoken
      • Payment Methods Accepted
      • Your Team
    • Business Hours: Select your Business Hours and any Holidays & Special Day Hours.

    • Appointment Confirmations: Select all appointment reminder attempts you would like to send to your patients, and work through the schedule and message options before the training.
      If you have questions or need help finalizing your settings, your implementation specialist will assist you during the training session.

    • Patient Connect Portal: Select what account information you want to display to your patients.

    • Patient Enrollment: Review the content of the “RevenueWell Welcome Letter,” and set the setting to YES so all new patients are automatically invited to participate.
    • Phone & SMS:
      • Set your Phone and SMS schedule (our recommended settings are 8am-8pm for both).
      • Carefully review the area titled “Text Message (SMS) Enrollment” and speak with your team about your preference
  • 3. Configure Campaigns 📣

    Please review, and make any desired edits to all Automatic Campaigns. These communications are the backbone of RevenueWell and are extremely important in keeping your patient base engaged, educated, and coming back to your office. You don’t have to use all of them, but we strongly advise you to use at least some to get the most out of your RevenueWell subscription. 

    Don't worry, no communications will be sent to your patients until after your account has been activated.

    • Automatically sends patients birthday wishes via emails and postcards on the day of their birthday.
    • Reminds patients to “use or lose” the remaining insurance benefits at the end of their insurance year.
    • Send patients a card around major holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and the December holidays.
    • Audits your charts for patients who haven’t come in for an extended period and sends them automatic reminders/incentives to get them back into the office.
    • Send patients automatic email post-op instructions after they complete certain services at your office.
    • If your patients don’t have a scheduled hygiene visit and their recall date is coming up, this campaign will send emails, text messages, postcards and letters encouraging them to schedule their appointment
    • Automatically asks your patients for online reviews or surveys after their appointment.
    • Monitors your patients charts for proposed treatment plans that haven’t been scheduled and sends your patients treatment plan presentations urging them to schedule their appointment.
    • Sends a welcome letter to patients who are new to your practice. Include a letter from the doctor, PDF forms and other attachments if you wish.
  • 4. Final Steps 🏆

    • Download the RevenueWell Desktop App for Messenger.
    • Download the On the Go App.
    • Set up your WePay account here.
    • Connect your Facebook profile.
    • Logo & Web Appearance: Please update the following to your preference - 
      Updating your Logo:
      Navigate to: Settings > Logo and Web Appearance > Select “Choose a Logo” > "My Logos" > “Upload a New Image” > Chose file  > Click “Insert Selected Image."
      Your logo should now display!

      Updating your Web Banner:
      Navigate to: Settings > Logo and Web Appearance. By clicking the link below the default banner, you will see our banner options populate. If you would like to use your own, select “My Banners.” From there you will be able to upload the image you prefer. When adding your own banner make sure the dimensions are 723 px wide and 140 px tall. Otherwise, the logo will automatically be stretched to fit.
    • Upload Reviews: If you’re transitioning from a different system, please send a .csv file of your office reviews. 

Download our Pre-Training Checklist below!


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