Data Sync

    • Overview

      The data sync is the connection between your practice management system and RevenueWell. The data sync imports patient data, appointment books, forms, and more into RevenueWell. In turn, this information dictates how RevenueWell operates -- which appointment reminders should send, which patients are due for recall and should receive a reminder to book their next appointment, etc. 

      RevenueWell relies on an open connection with your database to run as expected, which can sometimes be blocked by security settings on your server such as your firewall or antivirus software. Whitelisting is the practice of marking a website or connection point as “safe” within your server’s security tools, allowing for open communication.

      RevenueWell Support may request whitelisting to ensure an uninterrupted connection to your database.

      If you notice performance issues, it's possible they are related to your data sync. A frozen sync will prevent RevenueWell from reflecting any changes you've made to your patient files, appointment books, etc. until the sync is restored. 

      Contacting Support? Have the following ready: 

      • Server access
      • Admin access to your practice management system 
      • Know your PMS version & type
  • Sync Frequency

    PMS Type Appointment & Patient Data Sync Frequency Forms Sync Frequency
    Eaglesoft 2 mins 2 mins
    Cloud based PMS Instantaneous Instantaneous
    All other on-premise PMS types 15 minutes 2 mins

    Additionally, an Appointment Refresh runs every 6 hours. The Appointment Refresh looks at upcoming appointments scheduled within the next 60 days that have been synced into RevenueWell and checks for discrepancies. If there are any differences, they will be corrected at that time (PMS data taking priority).

  • Mappings & Excluding Operatories

    Appointment Status Mappings: some practice management systems allow users to configure their own appointment statuses. If your office uses a practice management system like this, you'll have the opportunity to decide how you would like RevenueWell to map appointment confirmations to your PMS based on those appointment statuses. 

    Excluding Operatories: if your practice has columns in your appointment book that are used for notes, cancelled appointments, reminders for your internal team, etc., RevenueWell has the ability to exclude those operatories. This prevents any appointments scheduled in that operatory from syncing into RevenueWell and sending reminders that may cause confusion for a patient.

    Recall Mappings: recall type is the specific service a patient is due for, also referred to as recare or continuing care. RevenueWell imports all the recall types a practice creates in their PMS. The most common recall types are prophy and perio. Choose the type(s) of recall you would like RevenueWell to act on.

  • System Requirements