Updating Your NET Framework

How to upgrade your .NET Framework 

You will need to verify that the latest .NET framework is installed on your practice server:

  1. Access your .NET framework (download here). You will be directed to the below page. Select .NET Framework 4.8 (circled below).image_1.png

  2. Select the .NET Runtime Framework to download the .NET installer.
    The installer will appear in your browser’s download bar. 
  3.  Click on the download link to open the .NET installer. If your machine is already using the latest .NET Framework, the below message will show. 
    You can now restart your server. 
    (Note: This will only take 5-10 minutes, but should be done in the evening after COB as to not create performance issues during business hours.) 

If your .NET framework is not up-to-date, follow the install prompts by clicking “Continue”. 

Now you're all set!