• Overview

    RW Messenger is a tool that allows you to communicate with your patients via text. RW Messenger is available via both web browser & desktop app (currently for Microsoft Windows users only). 


  • Desktop App

    The RevenueWell Messenger desktop app allows you to keep up with conversations regardless of whether RevenueWell is open or closed in an internet browser.

    Click here to begin the install process for the RW Messenger desktop app. (NOTE: This is only available to Microsoft Windows users at this time.)


    Select: “revenuewell-desktop-36.0.41” and then “Run as administrator”:M3.png

    Select: “Yes”


    Select: “I Agree”


    Select: “Install”


    Select: “Finish”


    Using your RevenueWell credentials, log in and start using RW Messenger!


  • SMS Templates

    Make texting easier by using Text Message Templates. RevenueWell provides basic text message templates to help users get started. These templates can be edited and custom templates can be created. 

    Click here to learn more.

  • Quick Links

    Need to direct individual patients to a certain link? Rather than having to copy and paste from your settings, you can now use Quick Links within Messenger to send a patient one of your RW links!

    Click here to learn more.

  • Multi-Location Features

    Filter by Location

    Enterprise offices have the ability to filter by location within Messenger!
    This is a user-based setting, meaning that the signed-in user will be limited to seeing only the locations they have access to. To select a location to message from, the user can use the drop down menu within the Messenger app.


  • FAQs

    Why is my practice phone number automatically included in some of my outgoing text messages but not all?

    The practice phone number and opt-out are automatically included in the first direct text message sent to a patient on a given day. Subsequent direct text messages will not automatically include your office phone number or the opt-out option.

    In RW Messenger, what do the blue and red dots indicate?

    Blue dot: Incoming SMS has been in an unread status for less than 30 minutes

    Red dot: Incoming SMS has been in an unread status for more than 30 minutes

    Which browsers are supported for RW Messenger?

    Desktop Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & Edge

    Mobile Browsers: Chrome & Safari

    Will the RW Messenger Desktop app work on a Mac?

    No, the RevenueWell Desktop App is not compatible with Mac. 

    If you are using a Mac, we recommend accessing Messenger via a compatible web browser. 

    Does RW Messenger show which texts are from automatic communications (i.e. treatment plan follow-ups) and which are direct texts?

    If "RW" is displayed below a sent text message, that indicates that this was a system generated automatic communication.

    If the name of an RW user is displayed below a sent text message, this indicates that the text was directly sent via the user listed. 

    Can we receive pictures from our patients? What happens if they try to send one?

    Messenger 2.0 supports receiving MMS from patients only.

    Why am I not receiving notifications?

    1. Confirm the RevenueWell Desktop App is installed & open

    2. Navigate to Settings tab > Phone & SMS Settings > Enable Desktop Alerts. Verify that Desktop notifications are set to "YES"

    3. Confirm the user logged in has alerts enabled. Navigate to Settings tab > User Management > click on the username > Communication Preferences > Enable Desktop Alerts

    4. Confirm your computer is not blocking alerts:

    • Focus Assist feature set to OFF
    • Desktop notifications are allowed


  • Demo Video 🎬