This article will walk you through how to:

  • Add Voicemail Box

    1. Navigate to Voicemail Boxes in the SmartPBX

    2. Click Add Voicemail Box


    3. Name your Voicemail Box

    4. Assign your VM Box Number

    5. Assign a PIN for your VM box

    6. Click Create new Voicemail Box

  • Edit Settings

    Within the Voicemail Box section of the PBX,

    1. Navigate to the "Edit" column

    2. Click on the wrench icon next to the VM box you want to edit2022-05-04_09-47-16_copy.png

    3. Click the gray Advanced button

    • The Advanced Menu will give you the following options:
      • Options - This allows you to customize your Voicemail Box in various ways
      • Recipients - Here you can add an email recipient to be notified when messages are left in the chosen Voicemail Box
      • Greeting Media - Here you can select, change, and set temporary greetings for the Voicemail Box. This is a great option when needing to change your voicemail greeting from anywhere due to emergency closure or other scenarios.
      • For more information on how to manage your Greeting Media, please see Managing Media within the PBX (Voicemail Greetings, Hold Music, etc.). 

    4. Click the green Save Changes



  • Change Greeting Over the Phone

    1. Dial *97 (or the envelope button if available on your Yealink device) from any phone in the office

    2. Follow the prompts, the system will walk you through voicemail set up, including: 

    • Dialing the number of the intended voicemail box
    • Entering VM Box PIN
    • Recording your greeting
  • Listen to Voicemails

    There are three ways to listen to voicemails:

    1. From a phone in the office

    • Dial *97 on your device
    • Enter the pin of the voicemail box 

    2. When logged into RevenueWell

    • Open the Phone app along the lefthand sidebar menu
    • Click "Voicemail"
    • Choose the voicemail you wish to listen to 
    • Click the play icon

    3. From another phone device (i.e. personal cell, etc.)

    • Call your office phone number
    • After the voicemail picks up, dial * to log in
    • Enter your PIN

    Note: Deleting a voicemail from the Main Voicemail Box deletes for all staff members. 

  • Video Tutorial

    Watch the video below to see how to Manage and Edit Voicemail Boxes in the PBX. 🎬

    Check out the tutorial below for how to check your voicemail! 🎬