Holiday Phone Settings

To prepare for an upcoming holiday, make sure you:

  • Set Office Holidays:
      1. Within the PBX, navigate to Main Number
      2. Click Office Holidays
      3. Set your office holidays
      4. The holiday can be a date, days such as the first Friday of September, or a range of dates such as December 23-Jan 1.Snag_774a9d9e.png

    If you decide to close your office early the day before a holiday, once you are ready to close, you will simply add the current date to the date range for the upcoming Holiday. Once these changes are saved, your phones will switch to begin following your Holiday settings.

  • Choose a Holiday Call Flow under "Incoming Call Handling":
    1. Open Main Number,
    2. Navigate to Incoming Call Handling
    3. Click Holidays
    4. Select desired Call Flow
    5. Save Changes
  • Confirm your Holiday Voicemail Greeting is as desired.
    • If you would like to change your voicemail greeting for the holiday, you can upload a new recording on the device or within the PBX.
    • See How to Manage Media in the PBX for additional help uploading greeting media. 
  • Video Tutorial: