CareCredit + RevenueWell

  • RevenueWell offers visibility into which of your patients currently have CareCredit credit card accounts, those individuals that are pre-approved for the CareCredit credit card, and allows you to submit a corrected application for those who have more information needed.

    Our partnership gives practices the ability to know if a patient has been pre-approved for the CareCredit credit card so that you are able to talk to patients about their financing options.

    RevenueWell will periodically check whether their patients are pre-approved and will display that information on the Appointments tab, the Patient Profile, and in their Messenger profile. 

    Get started with RevenueWell x CareCredit:
    • The following patient information needs to be present in the practice management system for a CareCredit status to be returned on the patient

      • First and Last Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Correct and Complete Mailing Address of the Patient
      • Correct and Complete Home Phone Number or Cell Phone Number of the patient (Please note that providing a cell phone in the home phone field will not yield a result).
      • Patients must be 18+ y/o


      1. Log into your RevenueWell portal.

      2. Navigate to Practice Settings/Carecredit or via URL: 

      3. Once the page loads you will be able to access the CareCredit activation screen.

      4. Enter your Practice’s merchant ID number (Merchant ID number can be located on your CareCredit terminal or in your CareCredit welcome kit. 

      5. Once you enter the above information, click ‘Connect CareCredit’. 
    • Activation may take up to 48 hours. Once activated, you should start seeing CareCredit statuses of your patients. CareCredit statuses will only be populated/updated on patients who have an appointment scheduled within the next 8 days

    If you are experiencing any issues with your CareCredit account, you are able to reach CareCredit Support by calling (800) 859-9975.

  • Once your CareCredit account has been connected, the Quick Screen toggle must be enabled for CareCredit statuses to be displayed.
    Quickscreen is a product that enables you to pre-screen your patients to see if they are likely to be approved for CareCredit before they actually apply, all without affecting their credit score. The way this works is that certain basic patient information that you provide (Name, Address, Phone#) goes to a credit bureau for pre-approval decision making.

    The Care Credit icon will appear in other areas of RevenueWell - on the Patients Tab as seen below:

    The icon will also appear on the Appointments Tab as seen below:

    If the patient already has a CareCredit card, they will be listed as a current cardholder:

    Quickscreen FAQs

    Does CareCredit practice the selling of patient/customer’s personal data shared by its clients? No, CareCredit does not engage in the selling of patient/customer personal data. For more information on our privacy policy, please visit
    What type of patient data is stored during a Quickscreen? The data that you provide with the Quickscreen request (e.g., full name and address.) is securely stored during the period in which the pre-approval offer is open.
    What if my patient/client isn’t showing as Pre-approved? Quickscreen does not always indicate the applicant cannot be approved on a standard application. Typical reasons why “unable to be pre-approved”:
        • The applicant has previously opted out of credit Pre-approval processes.
        • There is no match on the patient/client name.
        • Recent changes in their credit bureau data or entry errors.
    How do I inform patients/clients they have been Pre-approved with Quickscreen? After discussing procedure costs with your patients/clients, provide your patients/clients with their CareCredit financing options.  Inform them that they have been “Pre-approved for the CareCredit credit card” and state their credit limit.  We suggest the following phrasing:
    Mrs. Jones, your share of the treatment we discussed comes to $1,638.  You have already been Pre-approved for a CareCredit credit card with a credit line of $2,000.  Your financing options include convenient monthly payments, enabling us to schedule the start of your treatment today.
    Are the credit lines granted for Quickscreen the same as standard CareCredit?  What if a credit line is insufficient? The Quickscreen dollar amount is the credit line able to be approved with the information available; this requires less information than the standard CareCredit application.  The standard application takes the estimated fee into account in assessing the approved credit limit and, as a result, the approved credit limit may be greater.

    A Credit Line Increase can also be requested during activation, based on patient/client requirements.
    My patient has an upcoming appointment, but I am not seeing their CareCredit status? Another reason why the patients may not show up with a CareCredit status is if the patient information present in RevenueWell is incomplete or inaccurate. The following information is required when searching for patient status:
        • First and Last Name
        • Date of Birth
        • Correct and Complete Mailing Address of the Patient
        • Correct and Complete Home Phone Number or Cell Phone Number of the patient (Please note that providing a cell phone in the home phone field will not yield a result).
        • Patients must be 18+ y/o

  • Practices who’ve linked CareCredit can now see two buttons on the Payments tab, which link to two tools within their CareCredit Portal:

    • CareCredit Accounts & Applications
      • This is CareCredit’s Provider Center, which they’re used to logging into here.
      • Manage their offers, lookup patients, process applications, etc.
    • CareCredit Reporting
      • This page is used to lookup payments patients have made.


  • Practices can send patients a link to complete their CareCredit experience at home. Because its personalized with the patient’s details, we call it a “PURL”.  Each link is specific to a patient and prefills their information, or bypasses steps if they’ve already been pre-approved or are already a cardholder. 

    We will also pull in the link that’s specific to a merchant but not a patient. It will be used in contexts where the patient is unclear (like when you’re texting an unrecognized phone number). 

    Practices will be able to send the PURL links to patients using:

    • Practices will even be able to quickly send PURLs from within their real-time text conversations by clicking the lightning bolt "Quick Links" icon. 



    • It will be easy to add PURLs to campaigns, and practices can target an audience based on the CareCredit amount pre-approved/available.
      1. New merge field, to insert each patient’s PURLs:


      2. And new campaign filters:



      These features are available in Campaigns 2.0. Haven't made the switch yet? Now is the perfect time! Learn more about Campaigns 2.0 here. 2023-10-27_14-03-05.png 


  • We’ve also made it simpler to complete CareCredit workflows when the patient’s in the office. By navigating to the Patient Profile you will see a CareCredit status and be able to take action based on the patient's CareCredit status.

    These statuses include:

    • If the patient has been pre-approved:

      1. You will see the pre-approval amount in the patient profile:
        preapprovalprofile (1).png
      2. By clicking on the pre-approval amount the office will be able to "Present offer and record patient decision":
        preapproval (2).png
      3. Customer Accepts or Declines proposed financing 
        preapproval (3).png


    • If the patient is already a CareCredit cardholder, the practice can initiate payments and refunds from the patient profile. 
      To begin -

        1. The office will open the Patient Profile and click the patients CareCredit status, "Current Cardholder":
        2. This will bring up another window in which the office can choose to either "Submit Payment" or "Submit Refund":
        3. The office will then finalize the transaction:


    • If the patient has missing or inaccurate information in their profile, then they will be unable to be pre-approved and their status will show "More Info Needed." In this case, the office can submit a full CareCredit application on behalf of the patient with corrected information.

      1. Patients who weren’t pre-approved will show “More Info Needed”.
      2. The office can then "Request Prequalification":
      3. This then leads offices to the application:


  • By including a page on the office website with financing options featuring CareCredit, patients can learn more about their options, apply for a CareCredit credit card, and better plan their next visit.

    The majority of websites created with RevenueWell after April 2024 include the CareCredit landing page by default. If your website was created before April 2024, or if your site does not include the CareCredit landing page, follow the instructions in this below to activate it.

    To Activate your CareCredit Landing Page:

    1. Login to your website using the login address.

    2. After successful login, you will be presented with an alert notifying you that new content is available. Depending upon your specific integrations, you will see one of two messages:

      1. Message One:

        If you do not have a RevenueWell Marketing Platform account or you have not configured the CareCredit Integration in your RevenueWell dashboard. In this case, standard non-affiliate links to apply for CareCredit will be used on the landing page. If you would like to learn how to connect your CareCredit account to the RevenueWell Platform, click here.


      2. Message Two:

        If you have a RevenueWell Platform account and have activated the CareCredit integration, you will be presented with a notification letting you know that your unique affiliate link will be accessible to patients from your newly created landing page.


        In either case, clicking ‘Yes’ will insert the new page with the CareCredit landing page content.

    3. If alert does not appear

      It is possible if you have already dismissed the alert once it will not appear again. In this case if you wish to activate the landing page, you can navigate to the settings page / CareCredit panel to perform the same operation. See screenshot below.

    4. Landing Page Placement

      Typically, once added, the page will appear in the “Patient Information” drop-down after “Insurance and Payment Options”. See screenshot below.

      See an example landing page below!

  • Video Demonstration 🎬

    Let's take a look at CareCredit together!