Short & Long Codes for SMS

RevenueWell uses three short codes to send text messages to patients. These are the "from" numbers that patients will see on their phones when they receive a text message.

The three short codes RevenueWell uses are: 83170, 39016, and 39858.

Patients will always see your practice name and phone number within the body of the message, so there should be no confusion on who the message is coming from. If patients wish, they may create a contact in their phone with each of these numbers and label it with your practice name. 

If you have not or choose not to have your practice number enabled as your texting phone number, the following rules still apply for the long code that we provisioned for your practice:

Appointment Confirmations: 
Text confirmations come from a dedicated 10-digit phone number that is unique to your practice.

Enhance your patient experience by texting patients in a single thread

  • Increase response rates by sending confirmations from a traditional looking phone number

If you're interested in learning more about the difference between short and long codes, check out this article.

If you are interested in enabling your practice number for texting, click HERE for instructions on how to do that!