• Overview

    The following are ways to obtain reviews from patients:

    1. A patient can click on the "Write a Review!" button on the bottom of any email communication sent by RW.


     2. In the Campaigns tab, activating the "Review & Survey Request" campaign will invite a patient via email to leave you a review after their appointment. RevenueWell will send only one of these requests in any 3 month period, if a patient has multiple appointments within that time. 


    3. You can send an individual request to any patient via their patient profile. Go down to the "Patient Feedback" section of their profile and click on "Invite Patient to Submit a Review." This will send one email to them requesting they submit that review.


  • SMS Reviews

    To turn on SMS Reviews, head to your Campaigns tab, scroll down, and select Review and Survey Request:


    Click Edit Settings:


    Choose the schedule & Delivery Method.

    When you choose to turn on "Send Text Message", a window will pop up:


    This window is meant to remind you of your responsibilities under TCPA:


    Once you accept the "I understand the risks. Proceed with this change" feature, you can continue on with the set-up. Next, you can preview what the text will look like for your patients:


    You'll also note that everything is recorded on your dashboard! Check out the appropriate icon within "Recent Communications":SMS6.png

     Some ideas to gain consent might be to create a custom campaign for your patients to understand what types of text messages they are receiving from your practice, or you can create a RevenueWell custom form to add to the Patient Portal or the Welcome Packet email!

    Use these helpful links to learn more about these ways to inform patients about this new feature:

    Custom Campaigns:

    Patient Forms/Welcome Packet:

  • Responding to Reviews

    When patients submit reviews, you have the ability to feature them, which displays them for the public to see. Additionally, you can leave a public response to the review submitted, whether thanking the patient for their review or perhaps addressing any criticism they included. 

    The first step is to click into the Feedback tab and then click on the title of the review that you want to feature and respond to.



    Make sure to feature the review - this automatically places the review onto your microsite, and also can be put onto your Facebook page and practice website.



    You’ll also see a text box that says, “Reply to this Review Publicly.” Type your response here and click "Post Reply."



    Your response will appear underneath the chosen review, wherever your reviews are located (your microsite, your website, and/or Facebook). 
    Also see Reputation Management for alternative ways to respond to Reviews!

  • Review Widget

    Display reviews on your website! Provide the widget code in your practice settings to your web developer. 

    To find the widget code, navigate to:
    1. Settings Tab
    2. Website Widgets
    3. Reviews

    Here you can:
    • View an Example
    • View our Configuration Guide
    • Copy the widget code to send to your web developer!