SecureMail: Launch Chat Integration

Launch Chat Overview

With Launch Chat, your website visitors will be able to talk to real humans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Missed engagements with visitors on your website are missed opportunities; we know how hard it is to attract patients to your site – don’t let them slip away! We’ll capture leads for your practice, so you can focus on providing quality care.

You will be given access to our secured chat portal, which documents all live chat conversation transcripts.  This will allow you to print and or save any chat transcripts as needed. 

*Note, Launch Chat Secure Messages will expire by default in 30 days (once sent) within SecureMail.  

Contact Sales to get started today: 800-840-5383.

Launch Chat Secure Messages

Once a Launch Chat is finalized and closed from your website, a Secure Message will be created with the transcript from Launch Chat.  Note, Launch Chat Messages will expire by default in 30 days.

  1. Once you login

  2. Select the Secure Inbox icon:360016154452 - 360012438412 - secure-email-icon.png
  3. The Launch Chat Secure Message will be easy to identify and will always have the following:
    • From:  Your own user/email that you are logged in as
      • During setup, we ask for the email/user you would like your Launch Chat transcripts to be sent to.
      • This same email/user assigned will also show as the FROM email
      • You can easily search for that patient name given during the Launch Chat, click here for further instructions.
    • Subject: "Secure Message Chat Transcript from your website"
      360016154452 - 360012449512 - launch-chat2.png
  4. From here you can do the following (note the reply and convert to case are not provided for Launch Chat):
    1. Archive
    2. Delete
    3. Print

      *Note, Launch Chat Secure Messages will expire by default in 30 days (once sent) within SecureMail.  
      360016154452 - 360012459651 - launch-chat3.png