Forms 2.0 (Beta)

Time to Go Paperless!

RevenueWell Forms is a great tool to speed up check-ins, streamline practice operations, and make overall life in the dental office easier — for patients and team members!

Want to switch to Forms 2.0? See our step-by-step guide here!

Forms Features 

  • The form library houses custom forms created by your practice as well as templates you can create copies of.
    Within the Library, you can:
    • Create, Edit, View, and Delete forms
    • Preview Forms (Patient View)
    • Copy links to forms
    • Duplicate forms
    • Download form as PDF
    • Filter forms by Type or Specialty
    • Search for forms by form name

    Users with access to multiple locations can manage forms settings across all locations they can access

    Editing Forms
    Auto Sync
    Copying Links
    Duplicating Forms


    We offer the following templates which are pre-configured for you to use:

    • Insurance Information
    • Health History
    • Patient Information

      To use these templates:
      1. Click the ‘Duplicate’ action button to create a copy of the template in your library.
      2. Once you have copied the form you can rename and customize the form as needed.
      3. Save all changes. 

    Editing Forms

    To edit an existing form, within the Library:

    1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the form to go to settings. 
    2. This will take you to a screen where you can edit the form settings and questions.
      Form Settings include:
    • Name
    • Type
    • Specialty
    • Who last modified the form and when
    • Locations that can access the form
    • Auto sync options
    • Option to preview the form

    Auto Sync

    Practices can Auto Sync Forms directly into their practice management system (PMS) with Forms 2.0!

    Enable the feature by selecting the Auto Sync toggle depicted below. If Auto Sync is turned on, the user must designate the User and Location to use when syncing the Form to the PMS.

    If this setting is enabled, Forms will automatically sync to the PMS. Within the submission list, the form will display as processing immediately.

    If a form is used across multiple locations you will need to specify the default PMS user & folder for each location.

    Copying Links

    You can click the copy link button to copy the link to a given form on your clipboard. Once copied you can then paste the link in other areas or sites as needed.


    If a form is used by multiple locations you will be prompted to select which location you want the link to go to.


    Duplicating Forms

    You can duplicate forms by selecting the Duplicate action button on any form or template within the Forms library. When clicking the Duplication button you will be prompted to confirm you want to make a copy of the given form.

    Upon confirming a copy is made and you will be taken to the settings page for the new copy of the form. From here you can edit the settings and the form itself as needed.

    Filters & Search

    If you have several forms in your library it can be helpful to search or filter for specific forms you are looking for. Across the top of the library you will see the filters and search box.
    Filter by Type, including:

    • Consent
    • Miscellaneous
    • Patient Registration

    Filter by Specialty, including:

    • Dermatology
    • Ear Nose & Throat
    • Endodontics
    • General Dentistry
    • Non Specialty
    • Ophthalmology
    • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    • Orthodontics
    • Orthopedics
    • Other
    • Pediatric Dentistry
    • Periodontics
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Podiatry
    • Prosthodontics
    • Radiology
    • Sedation Dentistry


    Search any portion of the Form Name. You must enter at least 3 characters to start your search!

  • Packets

    Packets allow practices to group multiple forms from their library together. Once created you can use packets to assign the included forms to patients to fill out. Similar to forms, you can also copy links to packets which can then be used on your website, sent to patients, and elsewhere.

    Creating a Packet

    1. Navigate to Forms > Packets.
    2. Click “Create New Packet” button.
    3. Give the Packet a name.
    4. Click “Add A Form” and select the forms you want to include. You can also drag forms up and down to place them in the correct order.
    5. Assign locations that can access the packet.
    6. Click “Save”.
  • Custom Forms

    1. Navigate to Forms > Library
    2. Click “Create New Form” button or the link to build a form.
    3. Fill out the form details, locations, and auto sync options.
    4. Click “Save” button.
    5. Once the form settings are saved, click the “Edit Form” button.
    6. Drag and drop questions from the column on the left, or select Layout to add formatting to your form.
    7. Once you’ve dragged a question or layout onto your form, you can edit, delete or move the element.
    8. Selecting the edit option will allow you to change the content of the question.

    9. Once you have your questions and layout selected, preview and then save your form!
  • Auto-Populate Forms

    We are able to auto-populate certain fields within forms! 🎉

    The fields can be auto-populated are:

    • Email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Middle Initial
    • Prefix
    • Phone Other
    • Home Phone
    • Work Phone
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Date of Birth
    • SSN
    • Driver’s License Number              
    • Address
      • Street
      • Apt
      • City
      • State
      • Zip

Processing Forms

  • Assigning Forms

    Forms 2.0 improves on the convenience of digital forms by allowing practices to assign forms to individuals or families. 

    Patients must have a valid email address and date of birth before they can be invited to fill out their assigned forms.

    To assign a Form or Packet:

    1. Open “Assignments”
    2. Use the search field to locate the patient.

    3. Click “Add Forms”
    4. You’ll be given the option to select packets or individual forms, select any desired assignments.
    5. Confirm your choices by clicking “Save Changes”. You can un-assign and change the order in which the forms appear for patients.

    6. When you have the forms assigned as desired, simply click the envelope “Send Invite'' in the top right corner of the page. This will send an email to complete the assigned forms. 

      If the patient is a dependent, you can assign the form to the dependent and the assigned forms will be sent to the email on file for that dependent.


  • Form Submissions

    After a patient fills out a form it will appear within your submissions. When viewing submissions they will be listed in order of when they were received. 


    There are a few statuses that forms can be in:

    • New
      Note: The blue dot indicates the new message is unread if no users have viewed the submission yet.
    • Dismissed
    • Failed
    • Processing
    • Synced


    Search & Filter Submissions

    When viewing submissions you can search by patient name. You must enter at least 3 characters for the search to work and you can search by first or last name.

    You can also filter submissions by the different statuses.


    Processing & Syncing Forms to PMS

    If a form is set to Auto Sync no action will be needed. Those submissions will automatically be synced to your PMS. 

    When a new form gets submitted users will see that they can review and take action on it:

    1. Select the form you wish to sync
    2. Verify the patient this form should be tied to. If you need to change the patient you can click the link to do so.
    3. Select the PMS user that RevenueWell should use to sync back the form with
    4. Select the PMS location where you’d like the form to be uploaded
    5. You will have the chance to review a pdf of the form, then you can choose to dismiss the form, download a pdf version, or sync the form to your PMS.

    After choosing to accept & sync to PMS the submission will enter the ‘Processing’ status and then ‘Synced’ once completed

Completing Forms

  • Patient Experience

    Patients can easily fill out their forms online via the Forms Patient Portal. The forms patient experience includes:

    • Improved workflow for responsible parties to complete forms for themselves and dependent(s)
    • Mobile optimized experience - patients can complete forms via tablet or phone
    • Secure web portal to ensure other parties cannot sign in or view their forms

    Patients have 2 paths by which they will fill out forms:

    1. Receiving an invite from the practice
    2. Clicking a public link to a form or packet

    Receiving an invite from the practice

    Once invited by the practice patients will receive an email invitation to complete Forms online. 

    The patient will be prompted to verify their email and DOB. Once they verify and continue they will receive a new email with a 1 time link that will take them into their forms portal where they can complete assigned Forms.

    This portal has an idle time-out of 60 minutes. After time-out, patients will be redirected to the login page to reverify their information.
    • Completed forms cannot be viewed by the patient.
    • Forms cannot be partially filled out and saved. If a patient exits a Form without submitting, any data entered on that Form will be lost. If a patient selects the "Cancel" button on a Form there will be an alert letting them know they will have to start that form over.

    Once they’re logged in to the portal the patients will see a list of the forms that have been assigned to them as well as any of their dependents who have that patient listed as their responsible party.


    Clicking a public link to a form or packet

    Patients can also fill out forms by clicking a link to a form or packet. When a patient clicks on a public link, they will be routed to the portal and be prompted to enter their information to start. 


    Upon entering their information RevenueWell will send the patient a link to get into their forms portal to fill out the form or packet in question.


    If the patient is a Responsible Party they will be prompted to select which family member(s) they need to fill out the form or packet for.

    For compliance reasons we don’t allow Responsible Parties to fill out forms for dependents who are 18+ until consent has been received.

  • Tablet Experience
    There are three paperless options for patients to fill out forms in office on a tablet or their own cell phone.
    1. Use PIN to complete forms on tablet
    2. Send to the patient via SMS
    3. Scan a QR code on the desktop to pull up the patient's form on tablet 

    1. Use PIN to complete forms on tablet

    From RevenueWell within the tablet browser, 

    1. Navigate to Forms 2.0 "Assignments"
    2. Select the "Send/Fill Forms" Drop Down
    3. Select “Fill on this Device” -
      If this is your first time doing this, you will be asked to create a 4 digit PIN number.
    4. Enter 4 Digit PIN and select “Continue to Forms” - 
      For security purposes, the user will be logged out of RevenueWell and a new tab will open on the browser with the patient forms.
      It is recommended the user does NOT save their password on the device.
    5. The patient can now be handed the tablet to complete their assigned forms.
      Once the forms are submitted, they will get a success page and can hand the tablet back to the office user.
    2. Send to the patient via SMS

    From RevenueWell within the tablet browser, 

    1. Navigate to Forms 2.0 Assignments
    2. Select the Send/Fill Forms Drop Down
    3. Select "Send Via SMS"
    3. Scan a QR code on the desktop to pull up the patient's form on tablet 

    The third option, using a QR code, will be used when both a desktop and tablet are in use (i.e., at the front desk):

    1. On desktop, navigate to the Assignment page within Forms.
    2. Use the search box to quickly find the patient and select them. 
    3. Ensure the correct forms have been assigned to the patient.
    4. Select the ‘QR’ icon located in the top right.
    5. A popup will appear with the QR code and instructions on how to scan it.
    6. Use your tablet’s camera to scan the QR code. You can have our scanner page already pulled up on your tablets browser
    7. Once the selected patients assigned forms list appears, hand the tablet to the patient for completion.
    8. Once all forms are submitted, the blue banner will appear allowing the patient to log out by selecting the ‘End Session’ button.
    9. To check in the next patient, select the ‘Begin New Session’ to open the tablet QR page for the appropriate person. Scan the QR Code once you’ve generated it for the next patient though the assignments tab of the Forms 2.0 page. A camera with further instruction would appear, to capture the next QR code generated. This will repeat the steps above, navigating to the next patient's assigned forms.

    Pro Tip: Bookmark the RevenueWell Forms Scanner and/or use the “Add to Homescreen” feature on iOS for easy navigation.


  • 18+ Dependents

    Practices will see an alert (1) when going to a Responsible Party's assignment page indicating that there is an 18+ dependent who they need to take action on in order for forms to assigned or filled out for that dependent. There will also be an alert next to the specific dependent (2).

    If the practice acknowledges that they have received consent for the RP to manage that dependents' forms by checking the consent box (3), then they will now be able to assign forms as normal to that 18+ dependent.
    This will also make it so that when the RP goes to their forms portal they can now see that it is dependent.

    If the patient wants to be independent and manage their own forms, the practice must make the appropriate changes in the PMS first. After doing so, that patient will sync back to RW, and when viewing the assignments page for the patient the practice will no longer be redirected to the RP, but rather see the normal screen for a typical adult patient.

    If the patient has given consent, a green consent icon will then appear next to their name (4).


RevenueWell Forms 2.0 was built with enterprise users in mind. Throughout our forms product you will see several key areas that allow for quick and easy navigation between locations and the ability to manage forms and packets shared across as many locations as you like.

  • Location Filtering

    At the top of the Forms navigation you will see the locations filter. Clicking into the filter will allow you to select a location to limit what you are seeing throughout Forms to be things pertinent to that location.

  • Sharing Forms & Packets

    When editing a form or a packet you can add multiple locations. After doing so that form or packet will become available for use across all chosen locations. Any changes made to the form or packet are saved and reflected across all locations that share the given form or packet.

    Pro Tip: If you want to make changes to a form without impacting other locations that use it you can make a copy of the form using the duplicate action.

  • Copying Links

    For any forms or packets set to have multiple locations you can copy location specific links.