Forms 2.0 Migration

If your practice is using the original version of forms and is ready to move to the new forms experience, you are in the right place! In this guide we’ll walk you through how to get started with the new forms experience. 

This is a three-step process in which you will need to:

  1. Copy Existing forms

  2. Create Your First Packet

  3. Update Links

Legacy Forms is still enabled, and you can use both the old & new Forms experience freely. 

Learn more about Forms 2.0 here.

  • Step 1: Copy Existing Forms

    Estimated time: 15-60 minutes (depending on how many forms you have)


    Rather than having to rebuild your existing forms from scratch we’ve built a tool that lets you copy over forms you made within the old version of Forms into the new Forms Library.


    Visit the Migration Page to go to begin!

    From the migration page you will see a list of all the Custom Forms created in Forms 1. Clicking the copy button will create a copy of that Form into your Forms Library. Go ahead and copy over any forms you wish to continue using. Don’t worry, you can always come back to copy more later (using the link above) or delete any extra forms from your library that you don’t mean to copy.




    Once you’ve copied over the forms you can click into the Library where we’ll now take a look at the forms we copied over. We recommend you take a few minutes to preview the forms to make sure they look correct and make any edits as you see fit. This could include editing the form to change the layout or enabling auto-sync for some of your forms.


    If you previously used any of the built-in Forms (Health History, Patient Info, or Insurance Info) you will need to make a duplicate of the new templates we have and ensure they are capturing the fields you need.


    At this point you should have your new Form Library built out and are ready to move on to creating Packets and getting patients to start filling out forms.


  • Step 2: Create Your First Packet

    Estimated time: 5 minutes


    Now that you have your new forms library built out let’s take a moment to create some packets! With the new forms experience you can create as many packets as you like for any number of scenarios.


    Let's start by building a welcome packet that we can use in the automated welcome packets campaign. First navigate to the packets page, then click the button to create a new packet.

    For the packet name let’s use ‘Welcome Packet’, then let’s add some forms.

    When adding Forms we can search by a form name or filter by type or specialties that were picked within each form's settings. Check the boxes next to each form you want to include in the packet then click the button to save changes.


    As a final step you can rearrange the order of these forms to help control the order that patients will see them when they go to fill out the forms in the packet. Once you’re happy with things click the save button to save your changes to this packet.

    Now if we go back to the packets page we can see your new welcome packet ready for action!


  • Step 3: Update Links

    Estimated time: 30-60 minutes (depending on how places you need to update)


    Nearly there! The last piece is to update any existing email or text message templates that have links to your old forms to use your new & improved forms. Because you might have customized these in the past it’s worth checking for any links to your old forms and making sure you get new links in place.
    There are 3 key areas you'll want to check: 

    • Appointment Confirmations
    • Automatic Campaigns
    • Custom Campaigns

    Appointment Confirmations

    Head over to your appointment confirmation settings. Within this page there are a few various reminder campaigns that you may or may not have enabled and customized.

    To begin we can visually scan to see which of these you have actually enabled. If this is set to ‘No’ then we don’t need to worry about it. However for any that are set to ‘Yes’ we should take a closer look.

    Depending on the particular reminder it can have a few different templates for various purposes.

    Select the drop arrow next to "Email Confirmation" to view all reminder templates. Edit all templates containing a link to forms. 

    Automatic Campaigns

    Head over to your campaigns and see which ones are marked as active. For any automatic communications marked as active you should check to see if it has any forms linked. Let’s walk through updating the Welcome Packet campaign as an example:

    Click into the Welcome Packets campaign


    Click the link to edit the email


    Copy the link for the Welcome Packet in the Forms app

    Update the Campaign template using the new link and Save Changes.

    Custom Campaigns

    If you send Custom Campaigns that drive people to any forms links, please make sure to update these.