Reputation Management


  • 🛠️ Set Up

    RevenueWell has launched a Reputation Management app that allows offices to send, view, and respond to patient reviews. 

    Toggle through the steps below to set up Reputation Management: ⬇️

  • 📍 Overview Page

    On the overview page you can find information about all the reviews gathered using your Reputation Management link, such as: Total Reviews, % Recommended via Facebook, Average Rating, and Number of Google & Facebook Reviews. 

    When reviews populate within the Reputation Management app, you will see your reviews listed with the following information:
    • Date of review
    • Rating 
    • Written Review, plus:
      • Review Source
      • Patient Name
      • Office Response 
    • Response (If applicable)
    • Entity (Office Location)
    • Review Labels
    • "Respond" button

  • 💬 Response Page

    The response page lists any reviews that have not yet been responded to. Use this page to work through and respond to all your reviews!
    By clicking on the "Respond" button, you will be presented with the following response options:


    Share with a review with a teammate internally or send a private, direct response to the patient. By entering a team members email as the recipient, you can share the review and make comments internally to bring awareness to a review. By entering the patient's email as the recipient, you can respond directly to a patient
    Sign into GBP This leads you to your Google Business Portal, where you can respond to patients publicly on your Google Business Page.  
    Delete This allows you to delete reviews from the RevenueWell queue. This does not delete reviews from the third-party websites themselves. If the review is not deleted from the third-party website by the time of the next sync, it will populate again within RevenueWell. 
  • ⚙️ Settings Page

    Manage Third Party Connections

    View both your Google and Facebook connections here. If no connection is detected, the third-party will show as "Not Synced." To establish a connection, click "Set Up." When going through the Set Up process, confirm that the user credentials match the admin connected to your Google and Facebook Business profiles. Once the connection has been established or reconnected, the status will update to show "Synced."

    Smart Review Link

    This review link will automatically generate for your office to use! The new Smart Review Link will look to see if the patient is already logged into Google or Facebook and then send them to the best place to leave a review, eliminating the step of choosing where to leave a review and encouraging more patients to leave reviews by making the process easier. When you connect your accounts, this link will automatically get added to your Review Request campaign.
  • Want to see a quick tutorial? Check out the video below! ⬇️