Insights provides snapshots of your practice’s performance metrics with context to understand what they mean and tactical ways to improve those numbers. 

  • Overview

    Let's jump into your Insights!

    1. Open the Insights app mceclip7.png

    2. Here you will see the following Key Statistics:

    • No Show Rate
    • Case Acceptance
    • Hygiene Visits
    • Active patients

    3. Clicking the info bubble mceclip12.png will show how we define a metric

    4. Clicking the lightbulb icon mceclip14.png opens a panel with tips to improve

    Dig deeper into these Insights: 

    Track Trends

    Track your office's trending performance and uncover seasonality by using the calendar navigation in the upper right corner to toggle between timeframes.

    Appointment Attendance

    One of the key drivers of your no show rate is your confirmation rate. Confirmations reduce no-shows, and RevenueWell can help by automating this task. Click the lightbulb icon on the No Show Rate & Confirmation Rate cards to learn strategies RevenueWell recommends to drive up your confirmation rate and drive down no shows!

    Treatment Plans

    Better understand the health of your treatments business (as opposed to hygiene) and how you can improve. Case Acceptance tracks the percentage of patients who accept at least one of the services they were presented. This looks at days when patients were presented treatment plans and determines the percentage with an accepted service.

    Case Acceptance data is available for customers on all practice management systems except multi-location groups using Dentrix Enterprise, Denticon, Ascend, & Cloud 9. 

    Click on the light bulb in any card to read about how to benchmark this result and get tips to improve it.

    Hygiene Department

    A thriving hygiene department is vital to keeping patients healthy and - for most General Practices - powering a profitable restorative business. We want to help you understand if you're getting the expected return from investments in your hygiene department.

    The main key performance indicator tracked here is the number of hygiene visits. Another metric we are tracking closely is reappointment, which is the share of patients seen for hygiene that have their next hygiene appointment scheduled.

    Click on the lightbulb icon to read about how to understand & improve this result. Get tips to decrease your no-show rate, improve your reappointment rate, try one of the new tactics we have outlined to recover from a late cancellation, & more!

    Patient Base

    This metric is intended to drive awareness to the overall size of your patient base. It will show you how many new patients you have acquired, how many are lost, and what impact that has on the size of your overall patient base. 

    Click the light bulb icon on any of the cards in this section to read our recommendations on how you can leverage RevenueWell features to dazzle new patients, nail the in-office experience, provide continuous care from afar, and improve reappointment!

  • Using Insights

    In addition to providing metrics, Revenuewell tracks your month-to-date activity, comparing your progress to where it was at the same point the month prior. This data updates daily.

    Month-to-date Indicators

    Your month-to-date indicators appear next to each metric in green or red.

    • Green: indicates improvement from the prior month.
    • Red: indicates a trend for your awareness



    Industry Benchmark

    For each data point displayed in your Insights, we have established an industry standard based on our market research.

    • Note: This number may or may not be the best benchmark for your office, as the size of an office can greatly impact certain numbers, but it is an average you can use if helpful. 



    By selecting "View Insight" you are provided with information that can help your office create action steps to reach patients.

    Create a targeted campaign, use Online Scheduling to drive new appointments, RevenueWell Forms to cut down on administrative time, and more to drive patient interactions!


    Patient List

    For certain metrics like No Show Rate, click on the Patient List icon to view the list of specific patients in reference. No need to scroll through PMS reports or track them manually. Fill scheduled holes by quickly locating patients.

    Look for the Patient List icon! mceclip17.png

    We've integrated Messenger and Phone with the Patient Lists as well - allowing your practice to quickly identify and contact these patients to reappoint.

  •  Best Practices

    Benchmarking Hygiene Visits

    Reappoint More Patients

    Prevent No-Shows

    Prevent No Shows by Directing Patients to Notify Your Office of Reschedule Requests Via Text

    Some no show patients know in advance they can’t make it… but don’t tell you! No shows make your day chaotic, so you’re well aware it’s better to get ample notice when a patient needs to reschedule. Did you know you can easily tweak your text confirmations to get that advanced notice more often?

    By default, your confirmation texts include the snippet “Respond C to confirm or P to get a call from us.” Some of the patients -- who know they can’t make their appointment -- won’t respond because they don’t want a call. And some of them would have told you if they knew they could text it.

    Here’s a tip -- in your Appointment Confirmation Settings, scroll down to the First Reminder. Click on the drop down that says “Email Confirmation” and change it to Text Confirmation: Insights1.png

    Then click Edit Message, and change the text to something like this:


    Note: don’t remove the C or P prompts, because C tells the system to mark the appointment confirmed and P gives you an alert that the patient wants a call.

    When a patient responds R, you’ll get this alert:

    You’ll know immediately to move the appointment to your unscheduled list so the spot can be rebooked. And you can respond via text to get them rescheduled.                

    Don’t forget to apply the same change to your other confirmation messages if desired: the ones for families, the Spanish version, and your Second Attempts as well.

    Click Here to Get Started

  • Production

    Easily view metrics regarding your production within RevenueWell Insights: Production!

    Here you can find:
    • Month-to-Date Production:
    Total production from the first day of this month/year through yesterday.
    • Year-to-Date Production:
    Total production from the first day of this month/year through yesterday.
    • YOY/YOY % Change:
    YOY” is short for “Year Over Year”. It compares Year-to-Date to the same period last year. Demonstrates how quickly the business is growing; can be benchmarked against the target growth rate the owner set at the beginning of the year. Example: if today is August 23, 2022 then YOY is comparing (1/1/22-8/22/22) to (1/1/21 - 8/22/22).
    By viewing these metrics in RevenueWell, our hope is that you as Office Managers, Doctors, and Owners can easily monitor key metrics that help you understand your growth and track your goals. 

  • Patient Lists

    Easily view lists of patients who fit certain criteria month to date and follow up with them as needed to drive appointment confirmation and new patient adoption.

    Available Patient Lists include:

    • View a list of patients for Hygiene Reappointment along with their last hygiene visit and their next due date.

    • Easily view a list of all of those who qualified as a No Show.

    • View patients with unaccepted Treatment Plans.

    • Wondering who still needs to confirm appointments?
      Here you can view patients with unconfirmed appointments and easily follow up with them to confirm, reschedule, or cancel as needed.

    • Find a list of leads who have submitted their contact information and easily keep notes, set follow up status, and contact new leads - all within RevenueWell.  Stay organized as you follow up with leads and continue driving new patient adoption! 
      Status Options include:

      • Not Contacted

      • Call Back

      • Scheduled

      • Closed

      • Dismissed 

  • Text Volume Report

    In 2023 we introduced texting limits to customers with a variable fee for overages. To help you understand your usage, Insights now has a report called “Texting." 


    This report shows a trailing 12 months of outbound text volume that is subject to potential fees as mentioned above. The link at the bottom opens our variable fee schedule, which includes details about the limits for each package.

    Just like other Insights reports, enterprise users can toggle between locations.

    All text messages (except direct 1-1 conversations) within Messenger count towards this the text volume that is billable. This includes messages such as:

    • Appointment reminders

    • Custom campaigns

    • Other auto communications (aka standard campaigns) like birthdays, expiring benefits, recalls, reviews, etc.

  • Definitions

    Appointment Attendance

      • No Show Rate = No Shows/(Total Appointments - True Cancellations)
        • No Shows: Appointments removed or rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance
        • True Cancellations: appointments removed or rescheduled status more than 24 hours in advance
        • Note: We started tracking No Show Rate on 4/22/2022 and do not have data on appointments prior to this.
      • Confirmation Rate = Confirmed Appointments/(Confirmed + Unconfirmed Appointments

    Treatment Plans

      • Case Acceptance: Percentage of patients that accept at least one of the services presented. Case Acceptance checks for walked out services in case treatment plans aren’t getting marked as complete in your PMS.

    Hygiene Department 

      • Hygiene Visits: This is a count of appointments with a hygiene service code billed within 7 days.
      • Reappointment: the percentage of patients seen for hygiene who are scheduled to come back.

    Patient Base

      • Active Patients: The number of patient who had a completed appointment within the last 18 months.
      • New Patients: The number of patients who completed their first appointments (no shows excluded).
      • Reactivated Patients: Those who completed an appointment after a lapse of more than 18 months.
      • Lost Patients: Patients who haven't completed an appointment in 18 months. 
    1. Note: RevenueWell also has a “Deleted” appointment status and these appointments are always excluded from all metrics.