Appointment Confirmations

  • Edit Appointment Reminders

    To edit appointment reminders, navigate to: 

    1. Navigate to the Settings tab

    2. Select Appointment Confirmations from the left hand menu & scroll to the reminder you wish to edit


    3. Select "Edit Settings" to change any of the following:

    • Schedule : Enter how many days before the appointment you would like patients to receive this reminder
    • Confirmation Status: Choose who this message will send to
    • Delivery Method: Select how you would like a patient to receive either email, text, or phone call reminders
    • Family Appointments: Choose which family members will receive this reminder

    4. Select "Edit Message" to edit any of the templates for a specific reminder.


  • Templates

    Each version of your appointment reminder templates must be edited individually.

    The "Confirmation" version of these messages will send to patients who still need to confirm their appointments.

    The "Reminder" versions will send to patients who have previously confirmed their appointment. 


    To edit a template(s): 

    1. Select the drop down arrow depicted above

    2. Select the message template you'd like to edit

    3. Once selected, click "Edit Message" under the preview window. This will bring up a window where you can edit and format your message. 


  • FAQs

    What is the difference between a "Confirmation" and a "Reminder?"

    Confirmation messages send to patients who still need to confirm their appointment. These messages include the prompt to respond to confirm. 

    Reminders send to patients who have previously confirmed their appointments. 

    Patients are complaining about getting too many messages. How do I fix that?

    If patients are complaining about getting too many appointment confirmation messages, you have several options: 

    - Adjust the communication schedule for the specific patient(s) under the "Communication Preferences" within the RW patient profile

    - Change the timeline of your reminders

    - Send reminders to unconfirmed appointments only

    - Send email OR texts instead of email AND texts 

    Can patients cancel their appointment through RevenueWell.  No, patients cannot cancel appointments through RevenueWell.
    What happens to cancelled and moved appointments?

    As appointments move in your practice management system, the new time/date will be reflected within your RevenueWell schedule. Automated communications will continue to send and will reflect the new appointment time.

    When an appointment is cancelled in your practice management system, RevenueWell will read the cancelled appointment status and stop sending automated appointment communications accordingly. 

    Why didn’t a patient receive a Save the Date Reminder when the appointment time was changed?

    We recommend you check the Save the Date Reminder settings to ensure that you are sending to both moved & new appointments if that is the preference.

    Why did our patient receive a Save the Date reminder that was several hours off of the correct time?

    If the time is correct in the copy of the email message within RevenueWell but the patient is reporting that it displays incorrectly on their device, that indicates an issue with the patient time zone settings in the patient's physical device or email account.

    For example, we frequently see patients set their email time zone to UTC rather than their local time zone. In this case, the patients needs to update their devices & email accounts to reflect the correct time zone.

    Can I send the Save the Date as a text?

    No, Save the Date reminders send via email only.

    I don't want patients requesting a phone call. How do I remove that option?
    1. Click on the Settings tab and click "Appointment Confirmations"
    2. For each reminder, open the dropdown menu next to "Preview" select "Email Confirmation."
    3. Click "Edit Message."
    4. Hover over the section with the yellow buttons and click "Remove Please Call Me" 
    5. You must also manually change the wording in the text box, as it mentions the "Please call me" option.
    6. Click "Save Changes" when you are done.

    Note: You will need to repeat this process with the option in the dropdown menu for "Email Confirmation - Family," "Text Confirmation," and "Text Confirmation - Family."