Family Messaging

  • Appointment Reminders and Family Messaging

    When multiple family members are coming in for an appointment on the same day, RevenueWell can send a single message to the responsible party (or family messaging contact), instead of single messages to each family member. 

    You can configure family messaging settings in the Settings tab under "Appointment Confirmations."


    Click "Edit Settings" next to the communication you are editing. 


    Select whether you'd like to send a reminder to each family member, or if you'd like to send a single reminder to the responsible party (or family messaging contact). 


    Click "Save."

    To view the family messaging template, click the "Family" version in the dropdown menu. 


    Here is a sample message:


    If the message asks for a confirmation, the patient who receives the message just needs to confirm the single message to confirm each family member's appointment for the day they are coming in. 

  • How to Change a Family Message Contact

    If you'd like to edit the family messaging contact, you can do so within a patient profile of any of the family members. 

    Navigate to a patient profile. Within the Communication Preferences, click "Edit" to open a list of family members. Select the new family messaging contact and click "Save."


    Note that once this setting is changed for one family member, the change is applied to all family members on the account.