Legacy Appointment Requests FAQ

If you choose not to utilize Online Scheduling, Appointment Requests are the alternative way for patients to notify you that they are interested in booking an appointment.
How will I know I've received an appointment request? Any new appointment requests will appear as an alert on your home tab. You can click "Pending Appt Requests" under "Today's Items" or the blue highlighted font in the "Alerts" section. Either will bring you to the Appointments tab where you can process your appointment requests. legacy_appt_request.png
Do our business hours affect patients requesting an appointment?

Yes. When patients request an appointment through RevenueWell, they will only be able to select hours for which you are open. If you are closed Fridays, for instance, they will never be able to select a Friday time slot as an option for their request. 

What do I do when I receive an appointment request alert? 

Please see our article for How to Process an Appointment Request.

Why do some patient's names appear in blue while others are in black?

Names that appear in black font indicate that the information submitted in the appointment request is not linked to a patient profile currently on record in your practice management system. This may be a new patient or a current patient who entered information that conflicts with their patient profile.

Names that are a bolded blue color are patients that are currently in your system. If you click on their name, you can navigate to their RevenueWell patient profile by clicking the patients name.  

What are all the places an appointment request can come from?

Patients can request an appointment via:

  • Any email communication sent from RevenueWell
  • Your website if you have installed the appointment request website widget
  • Your RevenueWell microsite
  • Social media posts
    • Some social media posts on the content stream contain links for patients to request an appointment
    • Additionally, you can compare an original post and insert the "Request Appointment" link
What does the appointment request form look like for patients?

To view a sample of your appointment request form, you can go to the Settings tab and click on "Website Widgets." Then, click on "View Example" next to the Appointment Request form widget code. 

Is this on by default? Is there anyway to turn this feature off?

This is a built-in feature that is on by default and cannot be turned off.