RevenueWell User Access

Users with appropriate permissions will be able to access User Management by navigating to:

Settings > Account Management > User Management

RevenueWell representatives cannot create new users, delete, or change the role of current users. This function should only be done by an administrator or manager in your office. Contact your office administrator or practice manager if you need to make changes or additions related to User Management.

To Add a New User:

At the end of your "Authorized Users" list, Click "Add a new user" > Enter user information > Select desired settings > click "Create User" to save


User Settings include:

  • Name - First and last name required
  • Email - This is where the user will receive instructions to set up a password and any chosen notifications from their selected "Communication Preferences"
  • Role - 
    • Manager: Able to access User Management
    • User: Unable to access User Management
  • Status - 
    • Approved: Users will be able to access RevenueWell with their set credentials
    • Inactive: Users will not be able to access RevenueWell with their credentials and will be shown a message, “Your account has been temporarily suspended. Please check with your manager to regain access”
  • Communication Preferences - 
    • Alerts: Determines whether the user receives emails for those RW alerts that include email notifications
    • Incoming Text Messages: The user will receive an email about any incoming patient text messages. Additionally, they will receive an alert about an incoming text message on the home screen
    • Daily Activity Report: The user gets a daily report detailing which appointments were confirmed on that day and which patients changed their contact info
    • Weekly Activity Report: Every week, users receive an email report detailing the activities and revenue that the system brought into the practice
    • Enable Desktop Alerts: User will receive incoming messenger alerts on their desktop

To Send a Password Reset Request or Edit an Existing User:

Click the username, make any necessary changes to settings or send a password reset request. Click "Save Changes" when you are done.