Text Message Templates

Make texting easier by using Text Message Templates.

RevenueWell provides basic text message templates to help users get started. These templates can be edited and custom templates can be created. 

  • Use Text Templates

    1. Navigate to Messenger
    2. Open a text conversation
    3. Click the shortcut button (lightning bolt)
    4. Click "Insert Text Message Template" 
    5. Select the template you would like to use


  • Create Custom Text Message Templates

    1. Open Settings
    2. Messenger
    3. Open Settings
    4. Click Add Template
    5. Name template
    6. Format text message
    7. "Add Template" to save

    Note: For Enterprise offices, only users with admin access will be able to create and edit text templates. When adding the template, the user will have the ability to choose which location(s) have access to the template. If a user is unable to access Text Message Templates, please contact your practice administrator or office manager.