Missed Call Text Alerts

Set up automated text messages to send immediately after your practice misses a phone call with Missed Call Text Alerts.

To access this setting from your RevenueWell Business portal (click here to sign in), navigate to:

Settings > Phone > Practice Settings > Toggle On/Off > Click the pencil to edit text template


Creating/Editing Missed Call Texts

  • Phone Numbers - select which phone number(s) they want the rule to apply to

  • Template Name- select the text message template 

  • Text Message - preview the text message template selected



  • By default, Missed Call Text Alerts will be off. Users must toggle on to activate.

  • Users can check "Contact once within a 24 hr period" to limit the number of texts sent to a patient with multiple missed calls. 

  • When active, Missed Call Text Alerts are active 24/7, no matter the time or day.