Office Hours in the PBX

Want to update your office hours? This article will cover how to:

To update your office hours via the RW PBX portal, you will do the following:

1. Navigate to Main Number

2. Office Hours StrategyHoliday1NoShadow.png

Here you have the options to either:

A) Add Hours


B) Adjust the hours already set for each day


3. Save Changes

To add lunch hours:

You will need to update your PBX to reflect the hours your office is open or at lunch each day of the week.  To do that: 

1. Click the blue "Add Hours" button


2 . Select the day of the week and enter the time(s) you are open & accepting calls. Click the green "Add Hours" button after each time block is entered.

  • Note, you will need to set an "Open Hours" block for both the morning & afternoon 

3. Select the day of the week and input lunch hour(s). Click the green "Add Hours" button.

Snag_6bc9e942.pngWhen you are finished, the Office Hours in your PBX will look similar to the example below:


4. Scroll down and click the green Save Changes and your new hours will be active!

To close early:

  1. Click Main Number
  2. Office Hours Strategy
  3. Update the close time
  4. Scroll down & click the green Save Changes buttonSnag_6ce9e98.png

Note! If this isn’t a permanent change to your office hours, make sure you update your hours back when needed.

Video Tutorial: