Virtual Receptionist

A Virtual Receptionist will answer incoming calls professionally and automatically transfer them to the appropriate party.

To set up your Virtual Receptionist, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Main Number in the PBX.
  2. Navigate to Incoming Call Handling.
  3. Choose which hours you would like to use the Virtual Receptionist (Open Hours, After Hours, etc.)
  4. Click the option that works best for your needs, and open the Virtual Receptionist.VR1-4.png
  5. Under Main Menu, set your preferred call routes. (i.e. caller will Press 1 for Voicemail, Press 2 for Doctor's Cell, etc.)

  6. You are then able to either type or record a greeting to match the Main Menu. 

    Please note, a greeting must be typed or recorded so that callers know what action to take. If no greeting is in place, callers will hear silence.

  7. Save changes in the Virtual Receptionist.VR5-7.png


  8. Finally, to activate your new call flow, Save changes again under Incoming Call Handling.VR8.png

You are now using Virtual Receptionist!