PBX User Guide

Thank you for choosing RevenueWell Phone! To kickstart your journey, this article is here to help you navigate the basics of your phone PBX portal. Additionally, check out our Commonly Used Features guide for more insights!


  • Navigating to the RevenueWell Phone PBX

    To open the RevenueWell Phone PBX, 

    1. From your RevenueWell Home page, navigate to the Phone App.
    2. Click "Open RevenueWell PBX" link at the bottom of the screen.

    Note: If your PBX session times out, to re-access the PBX, follow the flow above. You will not be able to sign into the PBX directly.

    Click the 9 box icon in the upper right corner to access "Apps"


    Here you find your Smart PBX, Call Flows, Fax, and other apps you may need to access!


  • Create a New User

    To avoid access errors, new users must be created with the help of RevenueWell Customer Support according to the following directions:

    1.  The office must first create the user in the RevenueWell Business Portal Settings (Click Here to Access your Settings). 
    2. Once the user is created in the Business Portal, contact RevenueWell Customer Support by emailing support@revenuewell.com. Please include the following information in your email:
      • Request to create a new phone user 
      • Name & email address of the user who needs Phone PBX access 
      • Permission level to grant the user (admin or user - only users with an admin role will be able to edit phone settings)
      • Ex: "I would like to request assistance adding user John Smith example@example.com to our Phone PBX Portal. John Smith should be given (admin/user) permission level."
    3. Once RevenueWell Customer Support is able to process your request, the user will have access to the PBX Portal.

    Note: Any additional changes to user access to the Phone PBX Portal should be sent to RevenueWell Customer Support.

  • Why can't I access the PBX?

    In order to access the RevenueWell Phone Portal and Smart PBX, the user must be an admin user within both the Business Portal and the Phone Portal at the time of user creation.

    For additional assistance, contact RevenueWell Customer Support at 847-597-1745 ext 2.


    Video Tutorial 
    Check out our video tutorial to see how to login to the PBX ! 🎬