Troubleshooting Voice Quality Issues

If you are experiencing issues with voice quality, please verify the router is configured for VOIP prioritization (VOIP QoS, Port Forwarding)​.

If quality issues persist, follow the troubleshooting steps below based on your experience:

Hardware Troubleshooting:

Networking and LAN Issues ​

  • Check equipment wiring​.
  • Ensure hardware is plugged in correctly​.
  • Unplug the connections from the router and phone, leave them unplug for 10 seconds and plug them back in.​


  • Cover the phone mouthpiece. If the echo stops, turning down the earpiece or speaker volume might help.

Poor Audio Quality​

  • Turning down the earpiece or speaker volume might help.​

  • Remove any devices in the middle like extenders or network hubs.​

  • Upgrade old equipment like old headsets or handsets.


  • Keep your phone away from other devices, especially Wi-Fi-enabled devices or power cables.​

Delay in Voice

  • Avoid using damaged and/or long wires.​

  • Remove any devices in the middle like extenders or network hubs.​

  • Upgrade any old equipment like old headsets or handsets. 

Network Troubleshooting:


  • Voice quality issues could be related to your internet bandwidth. Verify that your bandwidth meets or exceeds the requirements for RevenueWell Phone. Click here to access a list of internet bandwidth requirements
  • Verify with ISP that the internet connection is ideal for audio and video conferencing.
  • Upgrade internet bandwidth with ISP when needed.

Verify Ports are Open:


    • Open the following ports: 
      • 8443 
      • 5443 
      • 5065
      • 7000

If quality issues persist, collect the following information: 

  1. Results of internet speed test 
  2. Copy of the results from the port availability test 
  3. Example(s) including:
    • Time and date of the call(s) experiencing quality issues
    • Phone number calling
    • Issue experienced

Email this information to Customer Support at for further assistance.