Router Requirements

Tested Network Routers

Recommended Network Routers
Router Router Type Special Requirements
 Asus RT Series Router

 1. In order to ensure that no additional firewalls will be interfering with phone traffic, it is necessary to verify that the Asus router is receiving an internet routable (public) IP address on its WAN interface.

 2. SIP Passthrough has been disabled

 3. RTSP Passthrough has been disabled

 Buffalo-wrt Router No Special Requirements
DD-WRT Router OS No Special Requirements
Open WRT Router OS No Special Requirements


Network Routers with Mixed Results
 Router  Router Type  Special Requirements
 Adtran  Router

 1. Log in to the Adtran administration interface via telnet or ssh and issue the following commands:

  • enable
  • [Enter your password]
  • no IP firewall alg sip
  • write memory
 D-LINK DIR Series  Router

 1. Upgrade to the latest version of D-Link firmware for your router

 2. Click on the Advanced tab on the top navigation bar

 3. Click on Firewall Settings on the left-hand menu

 4. In the "NAT Endpoint Filtering" section, change the following:

  • Change UDP Endpoint Filtering to Endpoint Independent

  • Change TCP Endpoint Filtering to "Endpoint-Independent"

 5. In the "Application Level Gateway (ALG) Configuration" section, change the following:

  • Uncheck the checkbox labeled "SIP"

  • Uncheck the checkbox labeled "RTSP"

 6. Save the configuration and reboot

 Linksys EA Series  Router  No Special Requirements
 Netgear Prosafe  Router

 1. In the main menu, under Advanced, click WAN Setup

 2. Check the checkbox labeled Disable SIP ALG

 3. Click the  Apply button

Routers with Known Issues (not recommended but will work)
 Router  Router Type  Known Issue
 Apple Airport  Router  No adjustable settings
 Netgear Nighthawk  Router  SIP/VoIP handling issues

Please be advised that customers are responsible for ensuring that all technical requirements for utilizing RevenueWell are met—additionally, any supplementary network equipment setup and upkeep.