Factory Reset a Yealink or Polycom Device

To factory reset a Yealink device:

Simply press and hold the ‘OK’ key on the face of the phone for 10 seconds. This will prompt you to accept or decline a factory reset. If you accept, the unit will restore itself to factory default settings - without the need for the admin password. The entire process takes roughly 30 seconds.

To factory reset a Polycom device:

Complete one of the three options for resetting a Polycom device below:

A. To perform a factory reset without an admin password from the Basic Menu:

  1. Select Settings from Main Menu, and navigate to Basic.
  2. Select Reset to Factory. 

B. To perform a factory reset from the Advanced Menu:

  1. Select Settings from Main Menu, and navigate to Advanced.
  2. Enter the phone's admin password — 456 by default unless changed.
  3. Select Admin Settings.
  4. Select Reset to Factory.

or, if your phone's password has been reset and forgotten,

C. Factory Reset During a Phone Restart

If you have changed and forgotten your admin password then, before proceeding with the factory reset, you will need to find out the phone's MAC address. You can find the MAC address by doing one of the following:

  1. Look for a sticker on the bottom of the phone. The MAC address is the 12 digits hexadecimal number, just above the bar code.
  2. If the sticker is missing or faded you can access the Main Menu screen and select Settings>Status>Platform>Phone.
    - Write down the 12 digits hexadecimal number in the S/N: or Mac: field.
  3. Restart the phone as explained above and press the Cancel Softkey to stop the reboot process.
    - A "countdown autoboot" screen will display. Ignore any of the options here and instead...
  4. Press and hold the 13, and 5 keys simultaneously on the dial pad.
    - You can let go of the keys once an admin password prompt appears.
  5. On the dial pad, enter 456 for the admin password or...
    - If you have changed and forgotten the admin password, enter the MAC Address you obtained above using capital letters (but before doing so you should contact us or your phone system administrator to see if we or he have a record of the current admin password!)
    - Pay attention to the difference between entering digits, capital, or lowercase letters. To switch between letters and digits press the input modifier softkey. It initially appears as 1->Aa, indicating you are entering digits. When entering capital letters it displays as A->a1.
    - Each numeric key on the dial pad has three letters on it. Press it once to enter the 1st letter, twice (without pausing) for the 2nd letter, and three times for the 3rd.
    - As you type, pause briefly between each character.
    - For security, the characters you enter are shown only as an asterisk symbol (*). 
    - If you made a mistake you can press the Left Arrow key to delete the last character.
  6. Select the OK softkey.

After the factory reset process is done the admin password will become the default 456.

If you need assistance, please reach out to RevenueWell Customer Support at 847-597-1745 ext 2.