Internet Bandwidth Requirements

For the best experience and call quality, RevenueWell recommends:

Through extensive testing, we have determined that the best experience and call quality will be obtained when these requirements are met.

Please remember to take the following tips into account.

  • Check the age of the current firewall and make sure that it is not at the end of life and can receive firmware updates.

  • Make sure the firewall is sized to the office. Meaning that it can handle our phones, the practices computers, cell phones, and any other endpoints like guest wifi devices.

  • It’s always best to go to the manufacturer's website and ensure the firewall can handle all the endpoints and features you will be using.

  • Please, note that Sonicwall SOHO & Watchguard T10 firewalls are for homes and small businesses and in most situations are not ideal for Doctor's offices.

  • Offices that would like to use a Meraki x64 need to be conscious of the hardware sizing requirements and throughput capabilities of the Meraki platform.

  • If you are going to enable any firewall security features make sure the firewall has sufficient resources to handle that as well.

Internet Requirements
 Download Speed  1 Mbps per phone (minimum)
 Upload Speed  200 kbps per phone (minimum)
Additional Requirements for Streaming Devices
 Netflix  2-4 Mbps per station streaming
 IP (online) Security Cameras  200 kbps per phone (minimum)

NOTE: if your office has a lot of PCs and you access a lot of remote services or use Cloud Practice Management System, additional bandwidth is going to be required.