Ring Groups

If you need to create a Ring Group or even just review a Ring Group's features and abilities, read through the details below to help you with this request!

Create a Ring Group

  • Groups > ‘Add Group’
    • Name your Group

    • Choose an extension

    • Drag over the users who need to be in the group

Group is Created:



View Created Groups


Advanced User Group Settings

  • Call Recording

  • Ringback

    • Ringback media

  • Allow Call-Forwarding

    • Enable this option if you want to allow this group's users to press their device "Forward" button to forward a call from this ring group. If this option is disabled, it will ignore the user's command.

  • Caller ID Prepend

  • Next Action

    • If no one answers, forward the call to:

      • User

      • Group

      • VM Box

      • Device




  • Ring times

    • Each member should be set to 30 seconds automatically as this is phone industry standard

  • End locations

You can choose whose phones ring in what order and what duration. They can be static or overlap as needed. The End location is chosen in the settings tab listed above in “Next Action”.