RevenueWell Phone makes it easy to send and receive fax via email.

  • Send a Fax

    Within the RevenueWell Phone App:

    1. Open "Fax"
    2. Click "Send Fax"
    3. Type recipient Fax Number 
    4. Attach document
    5. Click "Send Fax"
  • View a Fax


    Within the existing Fax page, navigate to the Inbound tab:

    On this page, you can see the history of all faxes received by the practice including:

    • Received Timestamp
    • Sender’s number
    • Receiving Fax Box Information
    • Number of Pages
    • Download Fax


    Outbound faxes will appear in the "Outbound" tab after some time alongside the following:

    • Status 
    • Recipient 
    • Sent Time/Date
    • Download Fax 
  • Set up Fax Receipts

    Receive notifications via email when a fax is received.

    1. From the RW Phone App, click the link to open the RevenueWell Phone PBX
    2. Open Apps 2022-03-30_14-12-14.png
    3. Open the Callflows app 
    4. Go to Fax Boxes
    5. Open the desired Fax Box
    6. Enter the email address(es) where you would like to receive notifications. Email addresses should be separated by a comma.
    7. Press "Save"

    Fax Receipts are currently only functional for received/inbound fax notifications.

  • FAQs

    What file types can I send? You can send your eFax in either PDF or TIFF file types.
    Why is my Fax blurry? Ensure your document is saved/scanned in Black/White format, not grayscale. Sending a file that is saved in grayscale will appear pixelated.
    Is my document too large?

    Maximum file size for a eFax is 10MB.

    We recommend separating large documents into smaller segments to send via eFax. 

    What do I write in the "Subject" line and in the "Body" section of the email? These sections can be left blank. Nothing you write in the "Subject" line or in the "Body" section of the email will be sent to the recipient. ONLY the attached document will send.
    Can I send multiple documents? A fax can only contain one document, however the document can have multiple pages.
    Can I delete faxes?

    To delete an inbound fax, within the RevenueWell PBX:

    1. Go to Apps
    2. Open the "Faxes" App
    3. Under Inbound Faxes, select your fax box
    4. Check the fax you wish to delete
    5. Click the trash can to delete


    Can I have eFax and a physical fax machine with a fax adapter? Each fax number can only support either eFax or one fax machine. 
    Can I change or delete the email associated with our eFax?

    Yes, to do so:

      1. Open the RevenueWell PBX
      2. Within the Smart PBX navigate to Main Number
      3. Click "Main Faxbox Number"
      4. "Edit Faxbox"
      5. Make any necessary edits under "Inbound Notification Email"
      6. "Save Changes"