Making a Payment: The Patient Experience

To be a step ahead, check out these images to see what your patients see when they make a payment!

From your practice’s Payment Link:

  1. The patient fills in identifying information:​
     - Patient First Name
     - Patient Last Name​
     - Date of Birth​
     - Email​
     - Invoice # (Invoice #-can be turned on or off by your practice)
     - Payment Notes (optional)​
     - Amount

  2. Patient clicks “Submit”blobid0.png It's also mobile-friendly!

  3. It's even easier from the Patient Portal!
    • The patient’s identifying information is pre-filled.​
    • The patient only needs to fill in the following:​
      • Invoice # (if applicable)
      • Payment Notes (optional)​
      • Amount
      • Patient clicks: Nextblobid2.jpg

The patient then fills in their payment information, including:​

      • Name on the card​
      • 16 digit cred card (CC) number​
      • Zip code on CC account​
      • Expiration ​
      • Month​
      • Year​
      • CVV number on the back of the card:blobid3.jpg

        Also mobile-friendly:

      • Patient verifies payment amount + fee and email address to send a receipt ​
      • Patient clicks “Next
      • The patient will receive a payment email confirmation consisting of the following: ​Sent from