Review Appointments

You can either read through our step-by-step process to review and respond to the appointment or skip to the bottom to watch our quick 2-minute video!

Once you’ve enabled Online Scheduling and made it available to your patients, you’ll be alerted that there are new appointments to review when the calendar icon (on the left-hand side of the screen) shows a dot:

In the RW Calendar, the Practice sees a list of new appointments patients scheduled or requested online. They can accept, edit or decline/dismiss each one:

Previewing Requests

Before you decide whether to accept or decline an appointment, you can preview its details. Direct Scheduled appointments appear on the calendar and on the New Requests List. On the calendar, you’ll see they’re styled differently until they’ve been accepted:

Click on the appointment to review details and Accept (with or without changes) or Decline. You’ll also have the option to send a message to the patient:

To preview an Appointment Request, click on it in the New Requests list and then click Preview for one of the dates/times:

To schedule the appointment, click Select next to the best date/time (or click Add Another Time).

Accepting Appointments

After you’ve clicked Accept, you can edit any of the appointment details like time and provider. You must also add an operatory.

Patient Communication

When you Accept or Decline an appointment you’ll have the option to send the patient a message.

Text is the default communication method (when the patient’s phone number is available). They’re sent from the practice’s long code and appear under Messenger.
If you select Email instead, it’s sent from the sender listed under Settings > Email Settings. If the patient responds, it will go to that email address' inbox (outside of RW).

Ready to get started? You can turn on the Online Scheduler from your Appointment Preferences.

This quick tutorial will help you get started with reviewing your Online Scheduled appointments!