Patient Perspective

Now that your patients can schedule online with your practice, you will want to be familiar with what they see, to maybe walk them through any questions that they have!

This article discusses the Patient's experience of scheduling online. They can obtain the link to the site below from a Welcome Letter, your Facebook business page, a custom campaign, a 2-way text, and much more. 

We will welcome them first! They can select "new patient" or "returning patient" to get the process started:image__7_.png

The patient will then land on this page, asking them: "What Brings You In?":Patient_View.png

The patient can either choose "Any Provider" or they can choose a provider of their choice in the next screen:mceclip0.png

Date & Time(s): 2020-09-09_11-13-28.png

Each appointment type allows either:

  • Direct Scheduling, where the patient selects a specific time and books the appointment themselves. Behind the scenes, the Practice simply approves upon final review.

  • Appointment Requests, where the patient proposes 3 times they’d like to come in. The practice reviews and contacts them to book the appointment.

Your practice can customize which appointment types allow Direct Scheduling vs. Appointment Requests.

Patient & Contact Info:


This is where the patient will enter their full name, birthday, and either a phone number or email address are required for patient identification.

"Next" takes the patient to a "Let's Review" screen. The patient can also add a note if they click the "Add Note" button:



Finally, the patient will receive a confirmation page!2020-09-09_11-13-30.png