RW Printer: Sending + Signing Documents Remotely

The RW Printer allows the customer to send a printed form over email directly from RW Printer or copy a link they can use in text messages or other mediums. It also provides the ability to insert a yes/no question to have the patient accept or reject the treatment plan.

  • Download the RevenueWell Printer

    You can print documents to a Tablet instead of the printer, capturing the patient’s signature and upload the document to your PMS (dependent on the PMS).

    In order to start using this feature, you must first install the RevenueWell Printer driver. You can download the driver by clicking on the “Download RevenueWell Printer Here” link in the “Print to Tablet” area.

    Settings > Communications > Patient Forms > Print To Tablet

    The executable file will take the user through a short installation wizard:


    Once installed, the Printer Driver will prompt your user login (same as your standard RW credentials).

    (1) Once logged in, the Printer Driver console will display recent notifications (incoming files) as well as recently printed files. The settings icon brings up the following Advanced Settings screen.

    (2) Sent status: defines a time interval for how often RW checks whether a previously printed file has been sent to an iPad for the patient to sign.

  • Signing Documents Using the RW Printer

    1. Open your document
    Open the document and select the print option - just like you would when printing to a physical printer.

    2. Select “RevenueWell Printer” as the print destination

    3. Search for and select a patient that needs to receive the document
    Some of the data points that are most relevant when matching to a specific patient are:

     - Date of Birth
     - Primary Phone
     - Email Address

    4. Choose to insert the treatment plan acceptance block.
    You will be prompted to select if you want to insert treatment plan acceptance
    - This is a Yes/No question asking if the patient accepts the proposed treatment plan
    - This is only available for the version of the form sent to the patient via email or by copying the link (On the tablet, this section will not exist.)

    - This question is mandatory when it is added.rwprinter8.png


    1. Yes - will take you to a screen to customize the question.

    2. No - will take you to Choose Delivery Method. 

    Here is what the form will look like with the block added:

    5. Customize Yes/No question
    You have the option to tailor the language used in the treatment plan acceptance section. Our default language can be seen in the image below.

      • The first box is the Title of Section

      • The second box is the Yes/No question

      • You have the option of customizing the defaults that show for each box so that they don’t have to change it every time if you have a preferred language.
        You can change these in Settings → Patient Forms → RW Printer - Treatment Plan Acceptance.

      • Clicking:

        • "Go Back" takes the user back to the patient search screen

        • "Cancel" exits the printer flow

    "Next" takes the user to Choose a Delivery Methodrwprinter11.png

    6. Choose a Delivery Method:

    There will be multiple send options available for this printed form:

    • Send to Tablet - 
      • This will send the form to the tablet app (current functionality)

      • This is ALWAYS selected and there isn't an option to unselect

    • Copy link to clipboard -
          • This will transform the URL for the form into a tiny URL to make it mobile-friendly for texting and copy it to the clipboard.

          • This is not checked by default.

    • Email to patient - 
      • This will send a direct email to the patient with the link to the form.
      • The email is editable but is prepopulated with:
        • a message

        • the first name of the Patient

        • a signature from the practice with their Practice Name.

        • the URL for the formThis is not checked by default

    • Clicking:
      • Preview - will open up a browser window so that you can see the form that will be sent to the patient
        • Cancel - will exit the printer flow
        • Submit - will send the form via the methods that have checkboxes selected and display the Confirmation Message

    7. Confirmation Message

    • In the lower right corner, you will see confirmation that the document was sent via the methods selected.
    • This should disappear after 10 seconds


  • Video Tutorial