Forms on Tablet

  • Hardware Recommendations


    The standard iPad is most likely the best fit for practices.

    • Forms require iOS 11+


    Android tablets vary in features and capabilities across many models which may cause different experiences.

    • Android Oreo or higher (8.1.0 or higher) is supported
  • Tablet Troubleshooting

    If you are experiencing issues within the RevenueWell Forms App, please follow the troubleshooting steps below on all devices. 

    1. Confirm the tablet is connected to a working wifi network.

    2. Confirm the tablet is on the current version of the RW Forms app:

    • Open the App Store,
    • Search for the RW app,
    • Does the app give you the option to "Open" or "Update"?
      • If "Open," the app is up to date, please continue to step 3. 
      • If "Update," this may be the source of the problem. Please update the app and then try to continue using the Forms app as usual. If the problem persists, continue to step 3. 

    3. Confirm the tablet is on the most current version of iOS or relevant software. 

    For iPad:

    • Open the iPad Settings > Click General >  Click Software Update
    • If there is no update available, the iPad is up to date, please continue to step 4.
    • If you see the option to Download and Install, this may be the source of the problem. Please follow the directions to update your iPad. Once the update is complete, please continue using the Forms app as usual. If the problem persists, continue to step 4.

    4. Complete a reboot by powering off and back on your device. 

    If you continue to experience issues, please gather the information listed below and contact RevenueWell Customer Support by phone at 847-597-1745 ext 1, opt 2, or by email at

    •  Run an internet speed test on both tablet and desktop workstation by going to > Click Go.
      • Please provide the Download and Upload speeds.
    •  Please also provide your login credentials. 
  • Check-In

    1. If you have not downloaded these apps on your iPad/Android, visit the App Store or Google Play Store and download the “RevenueWell” app. 


    2. Sign in using the same Username and Password used to log into RevenueWell on a web browser:
    The left panel displays a list of appointments for the day, arranged chronologically.

    3. Select a patient

    If the patient is a walk-in, you can select the Patient+ icon at the top to manually add the patient to your list. 

    4. Select the form(s) in the panel on the right that you want the patient to complete. 

    5. Click “Check In” and hand the device to the patient to complete their forms:Check-In_4.png 

    The patient is presented with a screen listing the forms for them to complete one by one. Once the patient is finished, they will select “Done” and hand the device back to the office staff member:

    6. You will be asked to enter the Team Unlock PIN to complete the session for the patient.

    To find your Team Unlock PIN navigate to your online portal > Settings tab > Patient Forms > Tablet Settings to view or edit or click HERE.

    Once Unlocked, the completed forms can be found in your RevenueWell Portal under the Patient Forms tab to Review & Sync

    Repeat this process for the next patient required to complete forms. 

  • Family Check-In

    NOTE: If you do not have your iPad set up to install updates automatically, you will need to manually update your RevenueWell Forms app to use this feature!

    When a family visits your practice, they can be checked in at one time via the iPad to begin or finish their forms. 

    You can log into Forms on the tablet and then select “Group Check In” in the upper right of the appointments screen; the screen will change to the patient selection view:


    You will need to select 2 or more patients for the "Group Check-In" feature to be enabled. If a person is not listed, they need to be added as a new appointment. This step needs to happen from either the PMS or by clicking the new patient button on the appointment page of the Forms app:


    The orange “Create Group” button at the bottom of the page will be grayed out until you have selected at least 2 patients:


    If a patient has a forms session in progress, a modal will appear asking you:

    "This patient already has a forms session in progress.  Adding the patient to a group will unlock the session.  Do you wish to proceed?"

    • Clicking "Yes" will unlock the forms session and the group will be created.
    • Clicking "No" will bring the user back to the group selection.


    When Create Group is clicked, RevenueWell will indicate the members of the group by connecting them as shown in the screenshot below:

    • The group will always be brought to the top of the column and sorted according to appointment time.


    After selecting the forms and clicking Check-In, the iPad will land on the Family Session Review which shows all forms for each person that have been selected.

    • Clicking Back will bring you to the Forms selection screen for the last patient they were viewing.
    • Clicking Edit Forms will take you back to the patient to be able to edit their selections.
    • Clicking "Check In" again and land back on the confirmation screen.
    • Clicking Proceed from the Group Check In Review will land you on the "Forms to Complete Today" page for the patient.


    Once you have chosen all of the Forms that you need each patient to complete, you can choose to "Check In" that Family, per the example below:


    The welcome message will say the following to align with the family session on the "Forms to Complete Today" page:


    "It's great to have your family here again!
    Thank you for taking the time to update your information!"

    Under "Forms to Complete Today" the patient will see the names selected in the group and the forms selected for each member of the group:


    Check out our tutorial video below for a quick walk-thru!