Enable Third-Party Settings

If you are experiencing issues loading RevenueWell (including Messenger), we recommend verifying that third-party settings are enabled on your internet browser. 

  • Editing Settings for Chrome

    Follow the instructions below to make an exception for revenuewell.com in your Chrome browser:

    1. Open Google Chrome's settings page (chrome://settings)
    2. Click Show Advanced Settings
    3. Under Privacy, click Content Settings
    4. Under Cookies, click Allow > Add or Manage exceptions (depending on your Chrome Version)
    5. Enter revenuewell.com to allow cookies
  • Editing Settings for Internet Explorer

    The default setting of IE blocks cross domain cookies. Whitelisting Revenuewell.com as a safe domain is recommended.

    1. In Internet Explorer, head to Internet Options > Privacy
    2. Click the "Sites" button 
    3. A window will pop up called "Per Site Privacy Actions": in the Address of Website field, enter revenuewell.com and click "Allow"
    4. Log out and log back in 
  • Editing Settings for Safari

    Unfortunately, Safari currently doesn’t allow exceptions by website at this time.