Screen Pop via Simultaneous Ring

Screen Pop is an incredible value add to a practice. While this feature is available with RevenueWell Phone, some of you may be using other phone solutions. Many phone providers have a feature called "simultaneous ring", which allows you to have Screen Pop enabled as well!

To have Screen Pop, there are a few things you must do.

1. Check with your phone provider or log in to your phone admin account to see if your phone plan has the ability to enable simultaneous ring. 

If you can enable simultaneous ring on your main office number, the number you have to add can be found in your settings tab (image below). 

Settings tab:


Simultaneous ring number:


IMPORTANT: Not all phone plans have the simultaneous ring ability and therefore currently not compatible with Screen Pop.

2. Enable Screen Pop in your settings tab. Confirm that the feature is toggled to YES.


3. Download RevenueWell Messenger desktop application. You must have the RW Messenger desktop application in order to utilize the screen pop functionality. Click HERE for directions on how to download RW Messenger to your PC if you have not already!

Once the feature is enabled with your phone provider, every time the phone rings, you’ll get a Screen Pop with the patient’s profile!