Expiring Insurance Benefits Reminder

The expiring insurance benefits reminder automatic communications type sends insurance patients reminders to “use or lose” their benefits prior to the end of the insurance year. This communication type recognizes fiscal year vs. calendar year insurance plans on the patients’ profile and sends out communications accordingly.

You will need to activate the expiring insurance benefits reminder at least a week in advance of the 1st of the month. For example, let's say a patient's benefits expire in January. If you set your first attempt to 4 months prior, this reminder will go out in September. You will need to activate the campaign at least 7 days in advance of September 1st, which would be August 25th. 

To activate the campaign, click "Expiring insurance benefits reminder" in the Campaigns tab.



The communication type has two identical attempts that only differ by WHEN they are sent out.

Select "Edit Message" to change the wording, add your own pictures or videos, and change any applicable settings to tailor them specifically to your office.

Select "Edit Settings" to adjust the timing, insurance balance remaining, and delivery method. The insurance balance setting lets users specify the minimum amount of insurance benefits that the patient must have to receive this communication. Make sure to only send this campaign to patients who have at least $100 of insurance remaining to avoid 

NOTE: The benefits reminder e-mail/letter does not mention the amount of benefits remaining for the patients, so they will not see any dollar figures. Set a minimum level of remaining benefits to make sure you are are not sending reminders to patients with $10 left.



After you select your timeline in the "Edit Settings" section next to each attempt, click the orange box that says "Paused." 



This will turn the campaign to "Active." Then click "Save & Exit."