The purpose of the Recalls (texts, emails, and/or direct mail) is to notify patients who are coming close to or are past their recall date to schedule their hygiene appointment

The Recalls automatic communication type reads the recall date from the patient’s profile in the PMS and attempts to bring the patient back by sending up to 5 different communication attempts before and after the recall dates. This feature, once enabled, will only address those patients that do not have an appointment scheduled already.

To Set It Up -
Navigate to: Campaigns > Recalls > Recall Campaign Overview/Attempts:
For each Recall attempt, the user may choose how RW should send the communication out. Please note that RW will send ALL communications that it can send based on the contact info on file and the patient’s communication preferences:2018-09-25_11-39-28.png


 Select "Change Template" to access our template library! This allows you to specify a different design for each attempt:


Recommended Settings:

  • Attempt 2, 3, 4, 5 should all be set to Yes (same as Attempt 1)  
  • Email & Text for attempts 1, 3, and 5