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Get the most out of your day with important information right at your fingertips. With an attractive appearance and simple interface, the RevenueWell mobile app is easy to use for the whole team!

  • Keep Your Schedule Handy – See the day's schedule and view patient information while you’re on the go. Whether you’re in the convenience of your own home or moving from operatory to operatory, the RevenueWell mobile app allows you to log-in anywhere from your smart phone.
  • Don't Let Patients Lose Money – Many patients don’t realize they have available benefits that they could put toward outstanding treatment. Quickly check the mobile app to see if your patient has any insurance remaining and discuss necessary treatments or promote elective services.
  • Build Better Relationships – Acknowledging the little things can go a long way! With the simplicity of the RevenueWell mobile app, go above and beyond to create closer relationships with your patients by viewing their last visit, asking how their family is, or wishing them a happy belated birthday.

Available on iOS and Android devices.




Please visit the Apple App Store to download for iOS:

RevenueWell Mobile App


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RevenueWell Mobile App