3 Things To Do Before Your Install

So your installation call and training call have been scheduled! What do you do while you wait?

To make the process as smooth as possible, we recommend you do 3 quick things:

  1. Log in. You will receive an email with a link to log in to your RevenueWell account. Once you have created your password and logged in, feel free to look around! The email will also contain a pre-training checklist that you will complete before your official installation and training. **Please note that your account isn’t active yet – so you don’t have to worry about the system sending anything out as you explore it!

  2. Prepare for installation and training. For the installation, we will need access to your server. Please download .net agent and remove your security settings for the installation. We will give you a call and log on to your server remotely with your help. The installation appointment should take about 30 minutes. For your RevenueWell training, we will need about 60 minutes of your time. We won't need your server during that time, but we will need you to be on a computer connected to the internet so we can share screens to show you all the exciting things RevenueWell can do. We encourage 1-2 key people from your office to attend this session. 
    **If you have a competitive system, the communications will need to be turned off prior to your RevenueWell training, as your communications will go live at the end of the training call. This will prevent any overlap in messages.

  3. Send in your logo and patient reviews. If you have one, please send your practice’s high-resolution logo and (if you’re transitioning from a different system), your patient reviews from the other provider to your RevenueWell Account Executive.
     - The logo image must be at least 600px wide by 342px tall.
     - It needs to be saved in the .png or .jpeg format.
     - If you do not have a logo, a simple text logo will be created for you.