Forms Writeback

Forms writeback capabilities depend on the practice management system being used. This article details the ways forms writeback to the four PMS types that allow writeback (Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Dentrix, and Fuse) and provides special instruction on how to enable writeback for Dentrix users. 

Writeback Overview

After a patient has submitted a Patient Info or Health History form, the practice user will review the information provided and click the "Accept and Sync to PMS" button. All data will be written to the PMS and a PDF copy will be saved in the document repository.

Note: Insurance information and other custom forms will not be written to the PMS; however, a PDF copy will still be saved in the PMS document repository.


Enabling Writeback for Dentrix

There are two prerequisites to utilize this feature:

  1. First, you must be on Dentrix version G7.3 or higher 
  2. Second, you must take the steps outlined below to grant access 

By following the steps noted, all other functionality should remain unchanged.

  1. Login to your Server. This is where your data sync is installed.
     - Open the RW Data Sync application
     - Click on the Setup Database Prerequisites tab
     - Click the Create User button
  2. Granting RW access to writeback patient forms
     - Enter your Dentrix Pass Phrase
    **Your Master User might be your Dentist or if you have an individual that focuses on IT - they would know the passphrase.
     - Click "Yes"
  3. Click "Yes"

 ** If you do not complete the steps above,  Forms will fail to sync to Dentrix when you try to "Accept & Sync" in the Forms workflow.


  1. You may have likely already processed forms prior to this update going live. We will not write those forms back to Dentrix. This update will only be forward-looking.
  2. If you do not take the steps above, unfortunately, Forms will fail to sync to Dentrix when you try to Accept & Sync them in the Forms workflow.