• PatientConnect365 provides an online portal for patients to view their information, complete forms, make online payments, and more!
    How does a patient enroll?

    When a patient clicks to enroll in PatientConnect365, they will be prompted to verify their birth date and create a password. After that, the patient should be able to log in and view their information. 

    To see a sample of what patients can see in their portal, or to edit that information, click on the Settings tab and "Patient Connect Portal." 

    How does the invite work? Can I edit the invite to enroll?

    If you have the RevenueWell Welcome Letter turned on, an invitation to enroll in PatientConnect365 is sent to all patients with an email on file when you first activate your RevenueWell account. The Welcome Letter will also send to patients as email addresses are added to their patient profile in your practice management system.

    • Edit the Welcome Letter settings within RevenueWell by Navigating to the Settings tab > "Patient Enrollment"
    • Push an individual invitation to enroll via the RevenueWell patient profile > click "Send Invitation to Enroll"
    Are patients able to see their pending treatment plans on PatientConnect365?

    No, patients cannot see pending treatment plans via the portal. 

    You can edit what the patient sees in their portal through the Settings tab > Patient Connect Portal.

    Our patient is getting a message saying they are not able to log into the PatientConnect Portal. Why are they being blocked?

    The vast majority of these cases involve multiple patients sharing the same email address, which can cause issues with logging in.

    The only time patients can share an email and log into PC365 is if the address is shared between a responsible party and a dependent (someone below the age of 18). 

    In that case, when the responsible party is registering a PatientConnect365 account, they will be asked to enter their birth date and prompted to create a password.

    If an email address is shared between two patients who are both over 18, they will need to provide unique email addresses.

    How do I change what the patient sees on the patient connect portal? To change any information in the Patient Connect Portal, click on the "Patient Connect Portal" section under the Settings tab.

    Here, you can:

    • Click "Preview Patient Portal" to view a sample of what patients see in their portal.
    • Include a message from the doctor(s) to personalize your portal. This message will appear at the top of the home tab of the patient connect portal.
    • Include a deal/promotion that you may be running. This will appear on the bottom of the home tab of the patient connect portal.
    • Select if you want patients to see their financial/transaction history (any payments they have made), their estimated insurance balance, treatment history (any codes that have been performed), or if you want them to be able to make a payment via credit card. 
    • Add any pertinent forms or documents. 

    Note, these changes will apply to ALL patients' accounts. 

    When multiple family members are enrolled in PatientConnect365, what information do they see about each other?

    This depends on their age and status on the account. Let’s look at an example of a family of four: a father who is set up as a responsible party on the account, a mother, a child over 18 and a child under 18. If all of them had separate email addresses on file and enrolled in Patient Connect 365, here is what they would see:

    • Father (Responsible Party) – He can see everyone’s balances, but cannot see individual transactions, appointment history or procedures for his wife and child over 18. He would only have complete access to his own information and the information of his child under 18. 
    • Mother - She can only see her own data. 
    • Child over 18 – They can only see their own data. 
    • Child under 18 – They can only see their own data. 

    Any person who is not a responsible party will only see their own information. A responsible party will see everyone’s balances, but will only see individual transactions and appointments for themselves and minors/dependents on the account. These limitations are in place to comply with HIPAA patient privacy guidelines. 

    How do patients log in to PatientConnect365 when an email address is shared between a responsible party and a dependent?

    If a patient tries to register or access their account using an email that is shared between a responsible party and a dependent, they will be brought to a registration form. There, they will be asked to enter the responsible party's date of birth, and will then be prompted to create a password. They will then be logged into the responsible party's account, where they can view information for any dependents under the age of 18. 

    Where do my patients go to access PatientConnect365?

    Your patients can access their accounts online in one of several ways:

    By going directly to and entering the login credentials that they've created during registration
    By clicking "Access my Account" from any of your email communications
    By clicking "Patient Login" in the top right corner of your microsite
    By clicking on a link or button that you have installed on your website. You can find the links to use in the Settings tab under "Web Links." You can find images to use for a button on your website in the Resources tab under "Website Banners" (see below).