Custom Post-Ops

The custom post-op instructions campaign allows you to create post-op instruction emails for procedures that aren't already included in the list of post-op instructions. 

To create a custom post-op email, first click "Post-Op Instructions" in the Campaigns tab. Then, click "Custom Post-Ops" at the bottom of the list. 


Click "Add a New Custom Post-Op."


Type in the name for the post-op you are creating. This name is just for your use; patients will not see it.


Next, use the dropdown menu next to "Schedule" to select when you would like the post-op to be sent out. 


If you select "Custom Schedule," you can choose the number of days you want RevenueWell to wait before sending out the post-op email.


Next, you'll want to select the service codes that will trigger the post-op email to be sent. Click into the empty box next to "Services" and begin typing the code. Then, click on the code once it appears. 


You can select as many codes as are appropriate for the procedure. Once you are done, click "Next."


Now you will be able to type in the content for your post-op in the text box shown below, replacing the text "POST-OP TEXT HERE." You can also insert images and videos.

Note you may also edit the email subject line that the patient will see. 


If you need to return to the previous step to edit the name of your campaign, the timeline, or the service codes, scroll down and click "Back." Otherwise, click "Finish."