Email Address Request

The email address request campaign is found in Campaigns > Automatic Communications. 

The email address request campaign helps collect email addresses from patients via text message. Once turned on, the campaign will send a single automatic text message to any patient who:

  • Has a cell phone number on file and is signed up to receive text notifications
  • Doesn’t have an email address on file, or

  • Has a a bad email address on file – meaning RevenueWell’s last send to that email address bounced.

The default text message will read: “From {SMSFromName}: Hi {PatientFirstName}! We’re updating our records to better serve you – please text us your preferred email address. Thank you!”

NOTE: An email address request message will only be sent once to any one cell phone number. If multiple patients share the same cell phone number, the text message will only be sent for one of them.