Social Media Content Stream

If you subscribe to the social media content stream, RevenueWell will automatically post on content to your Facebook feed twice a week.

The content is neutral and dental-focused. It ranges from educational information to holiday wishes. When applicable, it also offers patients a link to request an appointment.

To see a sample of the content stream posts, you must first turn on the content stream:

Settings > Social Media > Content Streams

Then, click on the Social Media tab and click on "Scheduled Posts" to view any upcoming posts. 


The top of each post shows the date and time RevenueWell will send the post to your Facebook account. 


If you hover your mouse over the post, you'll see the options to "Edit/Reschedule," "Substitute" or "Delete" the post. 


You have several options when editing the post. 

You can select where you want to post your update:


You can insert a link for patients to request an appointment or write a review:


You can edit the text in the text box:


You can attach a different picture:


Or, you can change the date and time the post will be sent to your Facebook:


When finished, click "Schedule":



Click "Substitute" will bring up a window where you can choose another pre-written post from the library. Select an option and click "Substitute by this post": 



If you wish to remove the post altogether, click "Delete." A window will appear confirming your choice: