Edit and Customize Automatic Communications

Everything in RevenueWell (except for the scripts used for appointment confirmation phone calls) is customizable. That means you can change the wording, add your own pictures or videos, and change any applicable settings to tailor them specifically for your office. 

In any given automatic communication or custom campaign, you'll see your options to customize after you click into the campaign.

For instance, click on the "Recalls" campaign in the Campaigns tab to see what your editing options are. 


At the top of the screen you have the option to pause or activate the campaign. 


If a campaign offers more than one attempt, you will see the option to "Activate this attempt?" Select No or Yes. 


Clicking "Edit Settings" will bring up a window called "Communication settings."


This allows you to select the timeline of when your campaign gets sent out, as well as which modes of communication you want to use (email, text message, direct mail).

If you select "Yes" for direct mail, you will be given the option to send to all patients or just those who are offline. You will also be prompted to select a direct mail budget for the individual campaign. Click "Save" when you are done. 


On the main screen of the campaign attempt, you can click the dropdown menu next to "Preview" to select which communication (email, text, direct mail) to view or edit. 


Highlight which one you'd like to view/edit, then click "Change Template" to view your options. Note not all campaigns have different template options.


Where applicable, select your template and click "Use This Template."


Then, click "Edit Message."


At the top of the screen for any email, you can change the email subject. This is what your patients will see as the subject line when they receive an email. 


Hover over the banner and you'll have the option to change the wording in the text box or switch to using the image you selected for your banner (see Settings tab). 


Hover over the image and you'll see options to replace the image, link the image, add new sections, or delete this section. 


By clicking inside the text box, you'll see a toolbar pop up where you can customize the font, insert an image, add a hyperlink, and more.