Payments (Rectangle Health)

  • We’ve partnered with Rectangle Health, a leading provider of simplified payment solutions for healthcare practices. This collaboration will revolutionize your payment capabilities, offering streamlined operations and seamless integration of point-of-sale terminals into your revenue cycle. With over 30 years of trusted experience, Rectangle Health is dedicated to delivering safe and reliable patient payment solutions.

    As part of this transition, please note that WePay, our current payment provider, will discontinue its online payment operations in July 2024. This means that processing payments through WePay will no longer be available. For instructions on closing your WePay account, click here

    Rectangle Health Features and Assets ⬇️

    • Login and access the Rectangle Health Bridge to easily manage patient payments. 
    • When integrated with Bridge, Patient Express provides an integrated, efficient system that syncs with your existing platforms to minimize waiting room time.
    • Transaction Reports enable you to search for payments based on your specified criteria.
    • Quickly and securely set up recurring payment plans with patients.
    • Eliminate paper statements and get paid faster by providing 24/7 online and mobile billing options.
    • To provide a more efficient payment process for their patients, as well as increase the likelihood they will get paid, practices can add a card on file (VAULT) to store for future payments
    • When a practice has a patient ready to pay, they simply call in or swipe their card and Bridge takes care of the rest.
  • Enroll in Payments

    1. Go to the Payments Tab and select "Enroll Rectangle Health Account": RWPWelcome.png
    2. Start the sign up process.
      If you already have a Rectangle Health account, follow the “Log in” prompt.
    3. Complete Enrollment with RectangleHealth:​
      You will receive an email to verify and complete the enrollment.​
  • Payments Utilization

    Welcome to RevenueWell Payments with Rectangle Health!

    RW Payments - Payments Page.png

    From the Payments tab, you will able to:

    • Review and Sync Payments
    • Refund Payments
    • Run Details Reports
    Follow the steps for each below: 
    1. Review Payments - 
      1. Open the Payments Tab.
      2. Locate the patient whose payment you would like to view.
      3. Under "Actions," click "Review."
      4. Within the Payment Modal, review all payment information.
      5. Link PMS Patient.
      6. Click "Mark Reviewed and don't Sync" or "Sync to PMS."
        RW Payments - Payment Modal.png
    2. Refund Payments - Refunds will be available for up to 60 days.  If a full refund is issued, the processing fee is also refunded.
      1. Navigate to the "Payments" Tab.
      2. Locate the patient whose payment you would like to view.
      3. Under "Actions" click "Refund."
      4. Within the Refund Modal, review all payment information.
      5. Link to PMS Patient.
      6. Enter the Refund Amount and Refund Description.
      7. Click "Refund."
        RW Payments - Refund Modal.png
      8. Confirm Refund by clicking "Yes" on the confirmation screen. 
    3. Payment Reporting - 
      1. Open the "Payments" tab.
      2. Click "Detailed Payment Report."
        RW Payments - Payments Page.png
      3. Enter all desired criteria.
      4. Click "Search."
      5. Navigate through the report and patient list as needed.
      6. Click "Download PDF" or "Export to .CSV" to save to the desktop.
        RW Payments - Detail Report.png
  • Payment Link

    To find your Payments web link:
    1. Navigate to the Settings tab.
    2. Open "Payments" within the Settings.
    3. Go to the "Web Link" section.
    4. Highlight and copy the URL.
  • Patient Experience

    To be a step ahead, check out these images to see what your patients see when they make a payment!

    1. Patient opens the Payment Link.
    2. Fill in identifying information, including:​
      • Patient First Name
      • Patient Last Name​
      • Date of Birth​
      • Email
      • Invoice # (Invoice #-can be turned on or off by your practice)
      • Payment Notes (optional)​
      • Amount
    3. Click “Next."
    4. Patient enters card information.
    5. If the payment fails, they will be prompted to try again. 
    6. If the payment is successful, the patient will see a confirmation screen and have the option to print payment confirmation. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions



    Who do I contact for support? Rectangle Health business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am - 5pm EST.

    If you are a customer in need of technical assistance, please call us at 1-800-337-3630 or email us
    How much does this cost? We offer an industry-leading transaction fee and there are no other signup or subscription fees.

    For more information regarding fees, please reach out to your Sales or Success representative. 
    How long until payments begin settling into my bank account? First, make sure you’ve provided Rectangle Health with your banking information. Then, transfers are made daily and can take 1-3 business days to settle depending on your banking institution.
    Will the new payment feature automatically update my patient records? Yes, if you're using Eaglesoft the patient record will update automatically. If you use a different PMS, you'll want to review your incoming payments and update the patient's record accordingly.
    Can I do refunds? Yes, you can issue a refund within 60 days of payment. You can now even issue a partial refund.
    Is there a way to collect payments without using the Patient Portal? Yes, visit your Settings to copy a link you can share in your campaigns, Forms, and website, or directly with a patient you’re communicating with.
    Can I pass processing or merchant fees to patients? No. This is not a functionality supported by RevenueWell or Rectangle Health.
    Can I send billing statements through RevenueWell? Once you’ve created a patient’s statement, you can upload it to the Patient Portal. You can also able to create a custom campaign that targets patients with a current balance.
    Can I provide financing through RevenueWell? You can learn more about what is available to your patients by reviewing what we offer with Care Credit!
    Is payment write-back available for other practice management systems (PMS) other than Eaglesoft? No, not at this time.
    Will refunds create an adjustment in my practice management system? No. However, if you submit a refund before you have written the payment to the patient's account, we will write the payment amount net of the refund amount.
    Will payments distribute to services automatically? No. This will need to be completed in your PMS.
    Can I make it so I review payments before updating my practice management system? Yes. To do this, go to your RW Payment Sync Settings under Payment Preferences in the Settings tab, and where it asks if you would like to fully automate payments based on the patient's name and date of birth, select "No".
    Will an alert show on the patient’s account in Eaglesoft when RevenueWell applies it? You will see a "?!" icon in the patient's ledger as well as a pop-up asking if you would like Eaglesoft to auto-update the account.
    What is needed to add a provider for RevenueWell to use for applying for payments? To add a provider for RevenueWell to use for applying for payments, they will need to be set as "Active" and include permissions to "Receive Account Payments" in the Eaglesoft Security Zone for that provider. To remove them for use in Payments, simply reverse one of these actions.
    How long does it take to get approval from Rectangle Health? Once a practice completes the necessary merchant forms, you can expect a 24 hour underwriting and approval process.
    What will happen to my WePay account? Please complete the close out process as recommended by WePay. After July 10th, all transaction functions will need to be done within the practice’s WePay platform as RevenueWell will not be able to perform any further actions as of that date.
    What happens if I need to issue a refund on a payment that was originally posted through WePay after it has closed? After July 10th, all transaction functions will need to be done within the practice’s WePay platform as RevenueWell will not be able to perform any further actions as of that date.
    Will I still see payments in the RevenueWell platform? Historical WePay transactions will still be viewable within Payments, although we will be unable to perform any actions on transactions as of the cutoff date of July 10th.