The ASAP List on the Appointments tab helps you fill last-minute openings in your schedule by notifying selected patients with an email, text or phone call. 

To see a sample of these messages, click on the Settings tab and then click "Appointment Confirmations." Scroll to the bottom of the screen to view the ASAP List Notifications. Then select which communication you would like to view/edit from the dropdown menu:

To access the ASAP list feature, click on the Appointments tab:

The ASAP list can either be imported from your practice management system’s “ASAP” list or it can be managed inside of RevenueWell.

  • For Eaglesoft users: In Eaglesoft, offices can add patients to our ASAP list by clicking the “Sooner if possible” checkbox on the patient’s scheduled appointment. The office can open an existing appointment by double-clicking the appointment on their schedule.

  • For Dentrix users: In Dentrix, there is a dropdown menu titled “Schedule”. If you click on that and select “ASAP”, the appointment will be pulled into their ASAP list in RevenueWell.

  • For PracticeWorks users: In PracticeWorks, there is a “Sooner if possible” checkbox. If this checkbox is selected on the appointment, then the appointment will pull into the ASAP list in RevenueWell.

  • For Open Dental users: In Open Dental, there is a “Status” drop-down menu on the appointment with an option to set the status to “ASAP”. This will trigger the appointment to be pulled into the RevenueWell ASAP list.mceclip3.png

You can always add patients manually by clicking "View List or Send Notification" and then click the button in the upper right-hand corner that says "Add Patient to List":

Fill in the patient's information and click "Add to List":

Once patients are on the list, you can check the box next to their name to start sending them a notification:

After your patients are selected, click "Notify Selected":

This will bring up a window where you can select the date and time of the appointment you are trying to fill. Select which modes of communication you want to use and then click "Send":
The patient will then receive the text, email, or phone call and respond appropriately if they wish to take the opening.