Legacy Appointment Requests: Process Appointment Requests

Your Home tab will display any new appointment requests as an alert and in the "Today's Items" box. Clicking on either of these will bring you to the Appointments tab to process the request. 


Appointment requests will appear on the Appointments tab under "Appointment Requests."


Names that appear in black font indicate a new patient not in your patient management system. 

Names that are a bolded blue color are patients that are currently in your system. If you click on their name, you will be brought to their RevenueWell patient profile. 

To process an appointment request:

Let's process Joe Smith's request together. Click on the box containing the patient's name.


A window will appear with Joe's information, including the date he requested an appointment, the source of his request, his contact information, up to three preferred times, the reason for his visit, and any special notes he may have included. 


On the right-hand side, you have three options of how to proceed with the request.


Add Note: This allows you to add a note to the appointment request itself without dismissing it. Notes will appear for anyone who logs into your RevenueWell account, so that all team members know that someone is working on that specific request.


Reply to Patient: Clicking here will bring up a window where you can send an email reply to the patient. 


Note that after you add a note or reply to the patient, this information is recorded in the appointment request and the status of the request is now "pending."


Dismiss Request: Click here if you have taken care of scheduling the patient in your practice management system based on their preferred times, and if you are ready to dismiss the request from RevenueWell. This will remove the request from the list of appointment requests.


If you need to retrieve any information from a dismissed appointment request, click on "View History." 


This will show you all new, pending, or dismissed appointment requests.