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  • Our system allows you to easily and securely collaborate to best manage patient care. You can send complete referrals, communicate back and forth using "Doctor Talk" and upload relevant attachments and x-rays. You can even invite the patient to ask questions and participate in their treatment plan.
    We invite specialists and referring doctors alike to use the Collaborator portion of our secure portal to better manage patient cases online and follow the patient's care all the way through treatment and post-op. When you decide to purchase a paid Collaborator account, you will be able to invite your colleagues and collaborate with any other doctor that has signed up for the system!

    How Does it Work?
    Our MySecurePractice Collaborator is an "open system" and based on tiered data plans. Ideally as a specialist, you might be interested in purchasing a data plan and inviting your colleagues to send you referrals through the system free of charge. Patient cases only count towards your data when the case is accepted - providing you valuable business!
    The platform exists in conjunction with our MySecurePractice SecureMail service. You can sign up on your own or register an account when you are invited through the system.
    Collaborator data plans receive a complimentary paid SecureMail account (which is able to compose messages) and any existing SecureMail account can accept up to 10 free Collaborator cases!Once you have created your account using your email address and password, you are able to communicate securely with any other practice within the system! Currently there is no Collaborator integration with any software companies. Please check back every so often for further updates.

    Please contact our Sales team at 800-840-5383 if you might be interested in a demo of our MySecurePractice Collaborator today!
  • Collaborator Dashboard will give you a bird's eye view of all your assigned, associated and referred cases.
      1. Login
      2. Select View Cases Dashboard option:

      3. This will bring you to your Collaborator Dashboard, showcasing all assigned, associated and referred cases:
      4. With each case presented on the Dashboard, you can identify:
          1. Patient First & Last Name
          2. Treatment
          3. Referred By
          4. Status of Case
          5. Created Case Date
          6. Modified Case Date

      From your dashboard you can now:

      1. View Existing Cases
      2. View Dashboard Recent History Section
      3. View Dashboard Colleagues Section
    1. The Dashboard recent activity will display any changes to cases you are associated with.  This will show new cases, doctor talk, patient talk, attachments and a link to view that portion of the case.  

      1. Once on your dashboard
      2. Located on the RIGHT, you will see a column labeled Recent Activity
      3. Here you will see any updates for cases you are associated with:
      4. Select the View option located next to each change description, which will take you directly to that portion of that patients referred case.
      5. You can select the Filter button to the right of Recent Activity to refine your results:

        1. Select the Search text field, to search for key terms from your associated case, this can include (Patient Name, Doctor/Staff Name, Case Status and Attachment File Name):

          • You can also use the Search field and Type drop down together
        2. Select the Type dropdown, to filter for:
          1. Patient or Doctor Talk Alerts
          2. Attachment Alerts
          3. New Cases Alerts
      1. Once on your dashboard
      2. Under Your Cases, you can search for the particular case by using the following filters:
        1. Search by Created Date
        2. Search Cases
        3. Case Status


      This will allow you to search by the created date of your existing cases.

      1. Under Your Cases
      2. Enter a beginning date within the Created Begin Date text field, representing the earliest created case date you would like to search through:      2023-08-14_08-33-58.png
      3. Enter a End Date, representing the latest created case date you would like to search to:
      4. Your results will auto adjust as you enter the beginning and end created dates:   2023-08-14_08-34-31.png
      5. You can modify the dates at anytime, or remove the dates completely to remove the search filter:


      This will allow you to search by the patient name, doctor/staff name, and status for any existing cases you are associated with.

      1. Under Your Cases
      2. Under the Search Cases text field, you can type in keywords to search for:
        1. Patient First & Last Name
        2. Referred By (or associated doctors & staff on case)
        3. Treatment
        4. Status
      3. Once entered, it will auto display any results that match directly below:
      4. You can modify the search text entered, or remove the text completely to remove the search filter results:


      This will allow you to search by the case status, for any existing cases you are associated with (including rejected and archived cases).

      1. Under Your Cases
      2. Under the Status dropdown,  select the status you would like to search for:

      3. Once selected, it will auto display any results that match directly below:
      4. You can modify the selection within the Status dropdown, or select the Status option to remove the search filter results:
    2. In this section, we will go over the following:

      1. Searching for an Existing Colleague
      2. Add a Colleague (doctor or staff)

      Within your Collaborator Dashboard, you will see a section called Colleagues.  This section will show any doctors who:

      1. You've invited, and the doctor has fully registered under MySecurePractice
      2. You've Collaborated with previously
      3. You've corresponding with in SecureMail
      4. You've manually Added a Doctor as a Colleague (explained below)


      This will allow you to easily submit cases in the future, by having these doctor's listed under Colleagues on your Collaborator Dashboard and/or under Create a Case.

      To add a doctor manually (as explained below) they must be a registered doctor (staff members will not show under this option as they cannot be directly referred to).

      1. Once on your Collaborator Dashboard
      2. Scroll down to see your Colleagues Section. 
      3. You can use the search field to search all existing Colleagues/Doctors, enter at least 3 characters to complete your search for the following:
        1. Doctor or Staff first/last name
        2. Doctor Email
        3. Practice Name
      4. Find the colleague you would like to either:
        1. Send Case: Refer a new case to this doctor (not available for Staff users)
        2. Secure Email: Send a Secure message to this doctor/staff

      If you don't find the doctor you are searching for under your Colleague section, you can search through MySecurePractice and add the doctor you are looking for.



      1. Once on your Collaborator Dashboard
      2. Scroll down to see your Colleagues Section.   colleagues4.png
      3. Select the Add a Colleague button to your right
      4. You can use the search field to search all existing Colleagues (staff or doctors), enter at least 3 characters to complete your search (this can search for the Doctor or Staff first/last name, Email or Practice Name)
        • This will search through your Colleagues and Other Specialists
          *Note you have to have at least 3 letters entered in the search field to start search.
      5. Once you find the doctor you would like to add, select the Add Colleague button:
      6. This will bring you back to your Collaborator Dashboard. The confirmation in the upper right hand corner will notify you they have been successfully added:

      7. Scroll back down to colleagues, and search for the new user just added.

      8. Now you can:
        1. Send Case: Refer a new case to this doctor (not available for Staff users)
        2. Secure Email: Send a Secure message to this doctor/staff
  • Invite a doctor or patient to begin collaborating on cases:
    1. Within Collaborator, you can invite Doctors to become your colleagues so you can quickly either refer cases to them, and they can quickly refer cases to you.

      1. Log in
      2. Select "View Cases"

      There are two places you can invite doctors:

      1. Select "View Cases" from the main dashboard:
      2. Now select "Invite a Doctor" from the left hand column under "Cases"
      • OR, select "Invite a Doctor" green button (located in the upper RIGHT hand corner):
      • Either option will open the below shadow box, input the requested fields:
        • **This should only be used for doctors within your practice.
        • This will allow that doctor to use collaborator under your account with your practice information.
        • Data usage from collab will be shared with you and any doctors added to your practice. 
        • The new doctor will be able to receive and refer collab cases.
        • The new doctor can be added onto any existing cases you are currently on or referred to 
        • If you wish to add a STAFF ROLE, please call PBHS Support (888-840-0739 or email this request to
      1. Add them as part of my Account:  
        If this option is selected, the user will be invited to register under your account.
      2. The email address is required. 
      3. At least one phone field is required.
      4. Once completed, select "Send Invite".
      5. This will email an invitation to the doctor that you have invited them to sign up for secure patient collaboration with you! Note: If the doctor has already used that email address to register a user account in the system, then instead of an invitation the doctor will be sent an email message that you would like to collaborate with them using Collaborator.
      6. Once the doctor has registered, you will both see each other as an option under your Collaborator "Dashboard" in the "Colleagues" area.  

        • This will allow you to quickly either "+Send Case" and/or send a "Secure Email".

      Suggestions for getting your colleagues using PBHS Collaborator!

      We suggest contacting all of your referring offices you will be collaborating with through the portal initially with a personalized email:

      "Dear Doctor,

      Thank you for your business! We have recently moved to a HIPAA compliant online referral system called PBHS Collaborator. Part of the setup will require you to create your own secure portal account and we need the following information from you:

      1. Email address you'd like to use
      2. Office phone number to use for your account
      3. Alternate phone number to use for your account (alternate office line or cell)

      Once we receive this information back from you we will proceed by inviting you to the portal to communicate with us securely.

      Also, please feel free to review the helpful PBHS Support article to begin using this product.

      You may contact us directly with questions regarding this email, or for advanced Collaborator questions, issues or support please contact PBHS Support by emailing or by calling 888-840-0739.

      Thank you and we look forward to working with you!


      Our Office"

    2. In this section, we will go over the following:

      Patient Invitation

      Each patient talk is a private conversation between yourself and the patient, no other doctor/staff can see this conversation.  Any associated doctor or staff member on the case can also have a private conversation here with the patient.

      1. Once you login
      2. Select View Cases
      3. Under the existing case you wish to review, select the View button:
        205380424 - 202948224 - invite-second-option.png
      4. Select the tab labeled Patient Talk:
        205380424 - 360096217231 - patient-talk-tab.png
      5. Select the click here to invite your patient by email:
        205380424 - 360096216771 - case9.png
        • You can also select the Invite Patient button, located at the top of your patients case:

      6. The following window will appear, fill out the required information to invite your patient:
        1. Email Address
        2. Confirm Email Address
          205380424 - 360096217631 - patient-invite.png
      7. Once the Email Address field are filled out, select the Send button:
        205380424 - 360096262332 - patient-invite-send.png
        • Back on the Collab Patient Talk tab, you will have further options under the Re-Invite Patient as needed:
          205380424 - 360096261032 - reinvite-patient.png


      Patient Registration

      1. An email invitation will be sent to the patient, the patient would follow the instructions on the email to register:
        205380424 - 360096216231 - email-wording-invite.png  
      2. The patient will select the Continue button after entering at least one phone number:
        205380424 - 360096219571 - patient-phone.png
      3. Once the patient selects a method to receive a secret code in order to verify their identity, they would select the Continue button:
        205380424 - 360096220031 - patient-phone-verify.png
        1. The patient would either receive a call (or if mobile, a SMS if selected) with the secret code), they would enter that on the screen and select the Continue button:
          205380424 - 360096264452 - patient-phone-verify-sc.png
        2. The patient can also:
          1. Change Delivery Method:  Will lead the patient back to step 10.
          2. Re-Send Code:  Will either call or send an SMS to the patient with the new Secret Code, dependent on what they originally selected.
      4. On the Terms Of Use page, the patient will need to scroll down in order to accept and select the I Accept button:
        205380424 - 360096265012 - I-accept.png  

      5. Now the patient can set their password, and select the Continue button to finalize their account to login:
        Setting & Confirming Password Password Requirements

        205380424 - 360096221151 - patient-password.png

        205380424 - 360096265372 - password-requirement.png
      6. Using the email and password just created, the patient would select the Sign In button to review their Secure Messages.
        205380424 - 360096265612 - patient-login.png

      Patient MySecurePractice Login

      1. Once the patient completes registration, the registration will lead them right to the login page:
      2. Additionally, the patient can:
        1. Use the original email notification, and click on the link provided in the email from a computer or tablet:
          **If the patient uses the link provided in this email invite below, once they login they will be directly on the message from the practice.
          205380424 - 360096265812 - email-notification-patient.png
        2. The patient can login directly to from a computer or tablet.
      3. Using the email and password created previously, the patient would select the Sign In button to login
      4. From the patient dashboard, select the Secure Inbox option
      5. They would be lead right to their inbox, where they can click and review and reply to any message(s) from your practice
      6. If the patient does reply back, this would become a thread in the Patient Talk within the Collaborator Case for only your user to see:
  • Within the talk tabs you can message doctors or patients and send and receive attachments that can be added to cases.
    1. Each doctor or staff member on the case will have their own PRIVATE Patient Talk section, which no other doctor/staff member can see.  

      1. Once on your dashboard
      2. Find the correct patient case and select the View button:
      3. Select the Patient Talk tab within the case
      4. You will need to first, invite the patient
      5. Once invited, any patient replies will be available in the Patient Talk section:

      6. The patient can provide attachments within these Patient Talk conversations.  If you wish to share this in the Case with the other doctor/staff members assigned, click here.
    2. Any Doctor or Staff member on this case, can use this section to communicate.  **Patients cannot see this section. 

      If the referring practice adds any notes within the referral's Comments field, they will additionally be auto placed in the Doctor Talk tab with a date/time stamp with the referring doctor's user.

      1. Once on your dashboard
      2. Find the correct patient case and select the View button:
      3. Select the Doctor Talk tab within the case:
      4. You can review previously conversations, or type a new message in the comment box provided:
        1. Formatting:
          1. You have some formatting options here:
        2. Add Attachment:
          1. You can add an Attachment, by selecting the Add Attachment option:
          2. Click within the dotted area, to upload files:
          3. Once you navigate to, and select your files needed- select the Open button:
          4. Select the Continue button:
            1. This will upload your files to the doctor talk thread, a progress bar will show you the progress made:
      5. Once your comments and attachments are complete, select the Add to Discussion button to submit your conversation for all Doctor and Staff members on the case. 
        1. Note, you can remove any of these files uploaded BEFORE submitting this to the case.  Select the Green X to the RIGHT of each file name. 
      6. Once fully submitted, it will look similar to below:
  • Within Collaborator you have the option to accept, reject, or refer cases. You can also convert an email from SecureMail into a case within Collaborator! To learn how, follow the steps for each action below:
    1. When a Case is referred to you, you may be notified in the following ways: 

      1. By email if your notification setting is selected for email
      2. By SMS if your notification setting is selected for SMS
      3. Through the portal, by looking at your collaborator dashboard

      If you would like to Accept a case, please follow the directions below:

      1. Once on your dashboard
      2. Locate the patient case you would like to accept, and select the View button:    accept1.png
      3. Once the case is reviewed, select the Accept button located at the top of the Case:
      4. This will reload the case with the top status bar, from here you will see a confirmation that his case was successfully accepted:
      5. From here, you can manage this patient case.
    2. When a Case is referred to you, you may be notified in the following ways: 

      1. By email if your notification setting is selected for email
      2. By SMS if your notification setting is selected for SMS
      3. Through the portal, by looking at your collaborator dashboard

      If you would like to Reject a case, please follow the directions below:

      1. Once on your dashboard
      2. Locate the patient case you would like to reject, and select the View button:
      3. Once the case is reviewed, select the Reject button located at the top of the Case:
      4. This will lead you back to the Your Cases, from here you will see a confirmation this case was rejected successfully in the upper right hand corner:
      1. Login
      2. Select the Refer Case icon:
        **note, you may not see all icons that appear above.refer-a-case1.png
      3. If you have already moved past the dashboard, select Cases on your left hand menu as seen below- this will bring you to your Collaborator Dashboard:    

      4. Select the Create a Case option located on the far left menu, or select the Create a Case button located on the right below:
      5. Select a Doctor you wish to refer to:
        **Please note you can only refer to a doctor, staff members will not show under this view.  Once the case is referred, you can then ADD a staff member onto this case.  
      6. Colleagues will appear at the top if you've communicated with that doctor within MySecurePractice previously or added them manually.
      7. Other Specialties will search any registered doctors within our MySecurePractice
          • You can Search by Specialty, Procedure, Miles from your Practice
          • You can use the Search Bar to search for the doctor by Name or Practice
          • The first section of doctors will contain any doctors you have invited to use the system
          • Once you find the correct doctor, select the + Send Case button to begin:
          • Complete the referral form.  
            **Note, this referral form will vary depending on what specialty the doctor you are referring to is (OMS, Perio, Endo, etc):
          • Once complete, select the Complete and Send button (located at the bottom of the form):

          • This will send your referral information and x-rays (if uploaded) to your referred to doctor. 
          • Here you will have a few additional options:
            1. View Case
            2. View Dashboard
            3. Refer Case
            4. Add Attachments   
              refer-a-case8.pngWhen you Create a Case, there is now also an option to Assign Case to Self.  This will allow you to submit a referral/case to yourself (This will mostly be useful to specialists as opposed to general practitioners).  You can then add associated doctors onto the case, like the referring doctor. 
      1. Within an existing email (either in your inbox, sent or archive folder), select the "Convert to Case" button.
      2. A confirmation window will appear, select "OK."
      3. This will lead you to a collaborator referral form to fill-out and complete.
      4. Once completed, at the bottom you find the "Complete and Send" button.
      5. This will submit the case to your selected referring doctor for review.
      6. Note, under the "Doctor Talk" tab within the case you will find your original email notes with the attachments (if any).
      7. The images (if any) attached to the email would also be located under "attachments."